South Carolina State Government

Commissioner of Agriculture


Hugh E. Weathers

The Commissioner of Agrigulture is a State Officer elected by the people.

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture was established in 1879 to foster and improve agriculture efforts within the State of South Carolina, and is responsible for the enforcement of over thirty (30) statutes relating to agriculture.

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture is made up of four main Divisions: Agency Operations, Agricultural Services, Consumer Protection, and External Affairs & Economic Development. Within these four areas are additional divisions such as Grading & Inspection, Food/Feed Safety Compliance, and Economic Development.

Activities include providing consumer protection in weights and measures and bonded storage for non-perishable agricultural products. The Department oversees grading, inspection, and market news programs on livestock, fruits, vegetables, grain, and poultry products within South Carolina.

The Department of Agriculture includes the following sub-organizations:
- Administration Division - Columbia, SC
- Consumer Services Protection Division - West Columbia, SC
- Metrology Laboratory - Columbia, SC
- State Farmer's Market - Columbia, SC
- Greenville State Farmer's Market - Greenville, SC
- Pee Dee Farmer's Market - Florence, SC
- Grain Grading & Inspection Division - West Columbia, SC

Past Commissioners of Agriculture




Hugh Ervin Weathers

2004 - present
Appointed Interim Commissioner on September 14, 2004, then appointed as Commissioner on January 17, 2005. Elected on November 7, 2006 and assumed office in January of 2007.

Charles R. Sharpe

2003 - 2004
Elected on November 5, 2002, took office in January of 2003. Indicted for cock fighting and forced to resign.

David L. Tindal

1983 - 2003
Elected on November 2, 1982, took office in January of 1983.

G. Bryan Patrick, Jr.

1976 - 1983
Elected on November 3, 1998, took office in January of 1999.

William L. Harrelson

1956 - 1976
1956 appointed to succeed J. Roy Jones, who had resigned. Re-elected.

J. Roy Jones

? - 1956
Resigned in 1956.

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