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Attorney General


Alan M. Wilson

The Lords Proprietors appointed Nicholas Trott as the first Attorney General for the colony on February 5, 1698, but he did not arrive in South Carolina until 1699. Over the next three centuries the Office has increased dramatically in size, scope, complexity, authority, and influence. The Attorney General today has constitutional power as the chief prosecutor for the State of South Carolina, has statutory power as the chief lawyer of the State, and common law power as chief protector of the public interest.

Per the first South Carolina Constitution of 1776, the Attorney General was elected by the General Assembly, and this continued until the 1868 South Carolina Constitution specified that this Office be elected by the people.

The Attorney General supervises all litigation in which the State or any of its departments, boards, commissions, or institutions are parties. This Office also represents county officials in any litigation against them in official capacities.

The Attorney General also serves as State's Security Commissioner, which oversees the registration of all persons engaged in the sale of securities within the State of South Carolina. The Office investigates allegations of fraud or other securities violations, and then takes appropriate enforcement actions, as required.

The Attorney General is a State Officer elected by the people.

Past Attorneys General




Alan McRory Wilson

2011 - present
Elected on November 2, 2010, took office in January of 2011.

Henry McMaster

2003 - 2011
Elected on November 5, 2002, took office in January of 2003.

Charles M. Condon

1995 - 2003
Elected on November 1, 1994, took office in January of 1995.

T. Travis Medlock

1983 - 1995
Elected on November 2, 1982, took office in January of 1983.

Daniel R. McLeod

1959 - 1983
Elected on November 4, 1958, took office in January of 1959.





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