South Carolina State Government

The South Carolina Legislative Manuals
The first edition of the South Carolina Legislative Manual was issued on February 4, 1916 on the initiative of J. Wilson Gibbes, the first author. It contained 117 pages. Since then, it has been published every year that the SC General Assembly was in session except for 1922, 1926, and 1932.
Biographies of Members of the state's General Assembly, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch were added in 1919, and photographs of members were first included in 1925.
Click Here to go to the SC Legislature Web Store - they sell copies of the South Carolina Legislative Manual for the years of 1976 to 2019. FYI - these books are "pocket sized" (6" x 4") with fairly small font size and fairly small photographs. But, they have tons of information in them on the government officials of SC. Some years have been completely sold out and therefore no longer available for purchase.
A few earlier versions can be found online by various search engines, and they are typically scanned in by individuals into .pdf files. Below are just the covers for the volumes that this Author can get his hands on. 1997, 1979, 1978, and 1977 are not available (sold out) and this Author cannot find a copy anywhere.



1997 - Not Found

1979 - Not Found

1978 - Not Found

1977 - Not Found

 This is all I can find.

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