South Carolina Watersheds

In 1972, the United States Government began granting states funds to better manage their water quality. The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments (US Public Law 92-500) prompted the state of South Carolina to launch its first watershed planning activities and statewide planning activities were completed in the 1970s. Managed by the SC Department of Health and Environment Control (DHEC), the state created eight major regions, along hydrologic lines, known as river basins - and each of these are further subdivided into specific regional watersheds. DHEC produces a Watershed Water Quality Assessment (WWQA) for each watershed every five years. The hydrologic units used are the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resource Conservation Service 11-digit codes, and has been updated in 1999 to the 14-digit level, further subdividing each watershed and providing more detail.

The following links will provide you with a description and maps of each of the eight major River Basins, as well as their subdivided watersheds, within South Carolina, along with a listing of all the waterbodies included therein, where available.

Broad River Basin

Catawba River Basin

Edisto River Basin

Pee Dee River Basin

Salkehatchie River Basin

Saluda River Basin

Santee River Basin

Savannah River Basin

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