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The following one (1) known "Street Railway" was operational in the town of Gaffney from 1892 to ???, when the line ceased operations.

Gaffney City Railway

Year Chartered

Year Operational

Year Ended

Length of Line



Not Known

2.25 miles

The Gaffney City Railway was chartered on December 22, 1891 by the South Carolina Legislature to construct a railway or tramway from the Atlanta & Charlotte Air Line Railway in the town of Gaffney to the kilns of the Limestone Springs Lime Company at nearby Limestone Springs, SC. John Earle Bomar, J. A. Carroll, A. N. Wood, and John B. Cleveland were named as incorporators in the legislative Act. The company was authorized $20,000 in capital stock, and the charter was granted for fifty (50) years.

According to Mr. Thomas Fetters in his book entitled "Palmetto Traction - Electric Railways of South Carolina" (1978), the company was headed by John B. Cleveland, who was also president of the Limestone Springs Lime Company. This company owned a quarry on the campus of Limestone College, a girls' institution founded in 1845.

The street railway ran from the depot, two blocks east on Buford Street, south on Petty Street, then left onto Victoria Avenue, which curved to become College Drive and led to the campus. A "steam dummy" was purchased to haul the lime in barrels on flatcars. There was also a small passenger car. The "Dummy Line," as it was called, was often used to transport college girls from the depot to the campus. Passengers were charge a penny a mile, and the company issued a ticket book for $5.00 that included 500 miles of riding on the two and a quarter mile line.

This Author has not been able to determine when this line was discontinued.

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