South Carolina - Colleton County Airports

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1) Anderson Air Field





Originally C.C. Anderson Landing Field, built and dedicated on 60 acres leased to the town of Walterboro by the estate of C. C. Anderson, for whom it was named.

2) Walterboro Army Air Field





The Army Air Corps leased Anderson Air Field from the town in early 1942 and purchased an additional 3,712 acres to create a new Walterboro Army Air Field. The Walterboro Army Air Field opened in August 1942 and was a sub-base in the 3rd Air Force

3) Lowcountry Regional Airport





Was Walterboro Municipal Airport (RBW). Present terminal was built in 1977 and refurbished in 2003. Jointly owned by the city of Walterboro and Colleton County.

4) Hannah Rhea Airport





Per AirNav - activated 9/2003. Owned and operated by Benjamin Lee Givens.

5) Airy Hall Airport

Green Pond




Owned by Gaylord Donnelley of Ashepoo Plantation. Managed by Harold R. Rhoades. Existed before 1959.

6) Broxton Bridge Plantation Airport





Per AirNav - activated 8/1981. Owned and operated by G.D. Varn. Some sources assert this airport is in Bamberg County, but it is actually in Colleton County physically. Click Here to go to their webpage.

Airports Found - Virtually Nothing Known Except What's Below

This airstrip was near the “Burnt Church,” aka “Pon Pon Church,” aka St. Bartholomew’s Parish Church, which was on the colonial road to Parker’s Ferry; and Col. Isaac Hayne’s grave at his plantation. The airstrip was parallel to SC Hwy 64 between Walterboro and Jacksonboro, SC. It was long ago planted in pine trees. Info provided in March of 2019 by CBB.


This abandoned airstrip was located in Colleton County just south SC Hwy 61 (Augusta Hwy) and Sydney’s Road. I don’t know its name or when it was in use but it is overbuilt now. Info provided in April of 2019 by CBB.


J.R. Fennell of Lexington County provided the following in Feb. of 2024:

"This long-gone airstrip was right where my mother grew up. I asked her yesterday and she reported that that airstrip was owned by her cousin Mitchell Gruber who owned a small plane. She did not know the exact dates of its existence but she said it was there in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Mitchell Gruber apparently had sold his plane by the 1980s."


This is a lowcountry plantation on the Combahee River, upstream from Tar Bluff. It is now called Long Brow Plantation but it is not clear if this is its historic name or not. It features an old airstrip, evidently hated by a previous owner who built a barn in the middle of it (it is not shown on a 2011 aerial), but a subsequent owner built a modern steel hanger which sports a fully-restored de Havilland Gypsy Moth (Major, Tiger depending on its engine) biplane.

The plantation is on the east side of the Combahee River not too far south of US Hwy 17 off Wiggins Road and barely within Colleton County. It is owned by Long Brow Plantation, LLC of NJ. The sod runway used to be 3,200 feet or so before the barn was built on the runway. The modern hangar has a green dot on it. It appears that the owner taxies around the southeast side of the barn and uses the section of the airstrip to the southwest which sufficient for the Gypsy Moth. Info provided in November of 2019 by CBB.

Sod airstrip at 155 Jonas Road, east of the Salkehatchie River in Colleton County, SC. Owned by Evan B. Wheeler of 155 Jonas Road, Islandton, SC 29929 It is just north of Sneiders Hwy and is only about 1,000 feet long. No indication of recent aviation activity. Info provided in March of 2023 by CBB.

This sod airstrip is about 2,500 feet long and owned by Margaret B. Murdaugh of Hampton, SC. It is located in Colleton County, SC, east of the Salkehatchie River at 4147-4157 Moselle Road, Islandton, SC. Nice sod airstrip with hangars. The double murder site. Info provided in March of 2023 by CBB.

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