Stuart's Town, South Carolina

A ship with 148 Scots Convenanters under Henry Erskine, 3rd Lord Cardross arrived at Port Royal and built Stuart's Town. The town was burned by the Spanish in 1686 and abandoned soon thereafter. Lord Cardross returned to Scotland and took the governmental seal of Stuart's Town with him. 100 years later, his great-grandson presented the seal to Thomas Pinckney, the U.S. Minister to the court of St. James. Today the seal resides in the Museum of Charleston.

In attempts to expand, the Scots sent settlers to the English colony of New Jersey and established a colony at Stuart's Town in what is now South Carolina at Port Royal in what is present-day Beaufort County. Click Here for more info on both colonies. Link is current as of December 2015.
The period of the Restored Monarchy in Scotland was a period of marked economic and political development. Yet the continued persecution of dissidents drove men to lands abroad where thought was more free. A small Quaker-Scottish colony was established in East New Jersey in the 1660s and, in 1684, a Presbyterian settlement in Stuart's Town in South Carolina.
As for the notion that migration of Macphersons into the territory that became the USA.was selective as to source and destination, excluding "Clan Chattan" Macphersons from the "plantation colonies" in the southern parts of the seaboard, this must be dismissed with the notion that Christian names can be used diagnostically.

The fact is that the earliest men of the name to reach the New World -- John, Robert and Origlais Mackfarsons, prisoners from the Scots army defeated at Worcester in England in 1651 and transported to Boston in New England the following year -- were almost certainly royalist "malignants" recruited from the Badenoch men in eastern Inverness-shire.

At the other extremity of the colonial territory, along the eastern seaboard, Sergeant William McPherson, a veteran of the Yamassee Wars in South Carolina (1715-16), and his younger brother, Capt. James McPherson of Saltcatcher's Fort (b. 1688 in South Carolina), commander of the Southern Rangers in Charles Town's support of Oglethorpe's new colony (1733) at Savannah, Georgia, were probably some of the survivors of the short-lived Scottish settlement at Stuart's Town on Port Royal Island, South Carolina, destroyed by the Spaniards in 1686, and almost certainly of Badenoch ancestry.

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