A History of Saint James, South Carolina

Found on quite a few maps of South Carolina as early as 1779 and as late as 1799, a small village named Saint James can be found along the Santee River in what is today Berkeley County - it was in the Charlestown District at that early time.

It is known that many French Huguenots came to South Carolina in the 1690s and settled in this area. It is also known that this area was named Saint James, Santee Parish of the SC Anglican Church. Many referred to the Huguenots' settlement simply as the French Settlement, but they themselves preferred to call it St. James. Apparently over the years enough folks gathered into a community large enough for the mapmakers to include this village on several of their maps.

Nothing else is currently known about this village/hamlet in early South Carolina. However, it must not be confused with the current town of Jamestown, also in Berkeley County, SC, but at a slightly different location. The current Jamestown was a 1916 renaming of the earlier town of Wren, which was created in 1882 - both had U.S. Post Offices.

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