A History of Neilsons Ferry, South Carolina

Found on many maps and accounts as Nelson's Ferry, but properly named by the U.S. Post Office Department as Neilsons Ferry, this town has the distinction of being the first (tied with Jacksonborough) hamlet in the old Charlestown District to be granted a U.S. Post Office on August 10, 1793, a full year and a half before the city and District Seat of Charleston received its first Post Office (2/16/1795).

A significant Revolutionary War battle was fought at Nelson's Ferry - so, perhaps this is why it received its Post Office so early after the war.

The first Postmaster was George Andrews. This Post Office was closed sometime prior to 1824, never to reopen. Its location was close to where the present-day town of Santee is in northwest Berkeley County, along the Santee River. Nelson's Ferry continued to show up on SC maps until around 1875.

When the state of South Carolina created the man-made Lake Marion in 1941, the site of Neilson's Ferry was under the new lake.

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