Fort Congaree & Trading Post

Fort Congaree was a colonial militia fort and trading post, palisaded with a ditch and two bastions opposite the river, built in 1718 soon after the Yamassee Indian War of 1715-1716. Its remnants are now located near Cayce, South Carolina, in Lexington County - across the Congaree River from the state capital, Columbia.

Fort Congaree, a trading post in central South Carolina, served traders along the Cherokee Path fairly early in the colony's history. Activity at the post led to colonial era growth along the Congaree River.

Trade was the basis for early relationships between European colonists and Native Americans. Trading posts such as Old Fort Congaree and the Granby Store (Cayce House) drew settlers inland along land and river routes. Canals eventually connected inland areas with lowcountry seaports, which led to economic and population growth in the area of central South Carolina.

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