A History of Dillon, South Carolina

Dillon County Court House - Dillon, SC

W.W. Sellers, in his "History of Marion County," tells us that the city of Dillon owes it's origin to the building of the Florence (Short Cut) Railroad. The city of Dillon, county seat and largest municipality in Dillon County, was established in 1887. At that time it had a population of but 87 persons, but with the coming of the railroad, it didn't take long to grow. By 1897, the population was 1,015, and by 1920, the population had grown to 2,205.

Mr. Sellers writes:

"I think Duncan McLaurin was first to settle there [Dillon], a level-headed progressive man; he was soon followed by others. The founders of [Dillon] had an eye to the future of the place. It is well and sensibly laid out; the streets are wide and at right angles to and with each other, and in this respect is the Philadelphia of the county. The location was uninviting - it was comparatively in a pond."

Dillon, South Carolina - 1930s

Established in Marion County, Dillon was granted a U.S. Post Office on May 16, 1888, and its first Postmaster was documented as Mr. Duncan M. Laurin. In 1910, Dillon County was created from Marion County and the town of Dillon was named the County Seat. Its Post Office has been in continuous operation ever since inception.

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