The Royal Colony of South Carolina

12th Commons House of Assembly - 1739-1742
The Twelfth Commons House of Assembly under Royal Rule convened on at least twenty-four (24) known occasions. The first session met on September 12, 1739. The second session met from September 13th to September 14th in 1739. The third session met from October 15th to October 17th in 1739. The fourth session met from October 30th to December 18th in 1739. The fifth session met from January 21st to February 10th in 1740. The sixth session met from February 25th to March 8th in 1740. The seventh session met from March 24th to April 5th in 1740. The eighth session met from April 29th to May 10th in 1740. The ninth session met from July 15th to July 26th in 1740. The tenth session met from August 12th to August 18th in 1740. The eleventh session met from September 9th to September 19th in 1740. The twelfth session met from November 18th to November 21st in 1740. The thirteenth session met from December 8th to December 20th in 1740. The fourteenth session met from January 19th to January 30th in 1741. The fifteenth session met from February 16th to February 28th in 1741. The sixteenth session met from March 16th to March 26th in 1741. The seventeenth session met from May 18th to May 28th in 1741. The eighteenth session met from June 22nd to July 3rd in 1741. The nineteenth session met from October 27th to November 1st in 1741. The twentieth session met from December 1st to December 11th in 1741. The twenty-first session met from January 18th to January 29th in 1742. The twenty-second session met from February 15th to March 8th in 1742. The twenty-third session met from May 17th to June 3rd in 1742. The twenty-fourth session met from July 6th to July 10th in 1742.

Election District


Christ Church Parish
(2 delegates)

Robert Brewton

Andrew Rutledge

Prince Frederick's Parish
(2 delegates)

James Abercromby

John Bassnett

Prince George's, Winyah Parish
(2 delegates)

Maurice Lewis (1) / Robert Austin (1)

William Waties (2) / Jonah Collins (2) / Joseph Huggins (2)

St. Andrew's Parish
(3 delegates)

*William Bull, Jr.

Joseph Elliott (3) / Thomas Drayton (3)

William Elliott

St. Bartholomew's Parish
(4 delegates)

John Champneys

John Cook

Culcheth Golightly (4) / Anthony Mathewes (4)

Henry Hyrne

St. George's, Dorchester Parish
(2 delegates)

Joseph Izard

Richard Waring

St. Helena's Parish
(4 delegates)

Nathaniel Barnwell (5) / Jordan Roche (5)

Ephraim Mikell

William Pinckney

Samuel Prioleau

St. James, Goose Creek Parish
(4 delegates)

Francis Cordes (6) / Ralph Izard (6) / James Withers (6) / David Hext (6)

Henry Izard (7) / Alexander VanderDussen (7)

Samuel Morris

William Smith

St. James, Santee Parish
(2 delegates)

Jonah Collins (8) / Elias Horry (8) / William Henderick (8)

Noah Serre (9) / James Stewart (9)

St. John's, Berkeley Parish
(3 delegates)

James De St. Julien (10) / James Maxwell (10)

Daniel Huger (11) / Thomas Cordes (11)

Francis LeJeau (12)

St. John's, Colleton Parish
(3 delegates)

Archibald Calder

Culcheth Golightly (4)

Alexander Hext (13) / Thomas Hext (13)

St. Paul's Parish
(3 delegates)

James Bullock

Richard Wright

Robert Yonge (14) / Burnaby Bull (14)

St. Philip's Parish
(5 delegates)

John Dart

Isaac Mazyck

Jacob Motte

*Charles Pinckney (15) / George Austin (15)

Benjamin Whitaker

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish
(3 delegates)

Othniel Beale (16) / Thomas Wright (16)

John Dutarque (17) / William Drake (17) / Jacob Bond (17) / John Cook (17)

John Paget (18) / John Harleston (18)
* Charles Pinckney was elected as Speaker of the House. He resigned on June 22, 1740 due to his wife's ill health. William Bull, Jr. was then elected as Speaker of the House on July 15, 1740. Childermas Croft was elected as Clerk of the House. Abraham Croft was elected as Messenger of the House.
(1) Maurice Lewis died on September 22, 1739 before taking his seat. Robert Austin was elected to replace Maurice Lewis, and he qualified on 3/6/1740.
(2) William Waties declined to serve. Jonah Collins was elected to replace William Waties, but he too declined to serve. Joseph Huggins was elected to replace Jonah Collins, and he qualified on 3/26/1740.
(3) Joseph Elliott died between February 2, 1740 and February 23, 1740. Thomas Drayton was elected to replace Joseph Elliott, and he qualified on 3/27/1740.
(4) Culcheth Golightly was elected to represent both St. Bartholomew's Parish and St. John's, Colleton Parish. He chose to represent St. John's, Colleton Parish. Anthony Mathewes was elected to replace Culcheth Golightly in St. Bartholomew's Parish, and he qualified on 1/29/1740.
(5) Nathaniel Barnwell resigned on January 28, 1740 to leave the province. Jordan Roche was elected to replace Nathaniel Barnwell, and he qualified on 2/26/1740.
(6) Francis Cordes declined to serve. Ralph Izard and James Withers received equal votes in a special election to replace Francis Cordes promting yet another special election. David Hext was elected to replace Francis Cordes, and he qualified on 1/29/1740.
(7) Henry Izard declined to serve. Alexander VanderDussen was elected to replace Henry Izard, and he qualified on 12/7/1739.
(8) Jonah Collins declined to serve. Elias Horry was elected to replace Jonah Collins, but he too declined to serve. William Henderick was elected to replace Elias Horry, and he qualified on 7/16/1740.
(9) Noah Serre declined to serve. James Stewart was elected to replace Noah Serre, and he qualified on 12/7/1739.
(10) James De St. Julien declined to serve. James Maxwell was elected to replace James De St. Julien, and he qualified on 1/29/1740.
(11) Daniel Huger declined to serve. Thomas Cordes was elected to replace Daniel Huger, and he qualified on 12/14/1739.
(12) Francis LeJeau declined to serve. He was re-elected and he qualified on 1/29/1740.
(13) Alexander Hext died between May 25, 1741 and June 23, 1741. Thomas Hext was elected to replace Alexander Hext, and he qualified on 12/2/1741.
(14) Robert Yonge declined to serve. Burnaby Bull was elected to replace Robert Yonge, and he qualified on 5/7/1740.
(15) Charles Pinckney was appointed to the SC Council and he qualified on 12/2/1741. George Austin was elected to replace Charles Pinckney, and he qualified on 12/2/1741.
(16) Othniel Beale declined to serve. Thomas Wright was elected to replace Othniel Beale, and he qualified on 1/29/1740.
(17) John Dutarque declined to serve. William Drake was elected to replace John Dutarque, but he died on January 25, 1740, before taking his seat. Jacob Bond was elected to replace William Drake, but he too declined to serve. John Cook was elected to replace Jacob Bond, and he qualified on 3/21/1740.
(18) John Paget declined to serve. John Harleston was elected to replace John Paget, and he qualified on 12/12/1739.
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