The American Revolution in South Carolina

South Carolinians Outside of South Carolina During the Revolution



SC Provincials or Militia

August 8, 1775

St. Augustine, FL
Capt. Clement Lampriere of Mount Pleasant left Port Royal on his armed sloop Commerce and captured the British brigantine Betsy off St. Augustine with 11,000 lbs. of gunpowder.

Mar. 11-12 1776

Hutchinson's Island and Savannah, GA
SC Council of Safety ordered Col. Stephen Bull with 222 men (95 from Beaufort District, 127 from Charles Town District) to counter the British naval forces of East Florida that had been harassing the Georgia coast.

Sep. 1776

St. Augustine, FL
Governor John Rutledge ordered Col. William Thomson of the SC 3rd Regiment of Rangers to accompany Maj. Gen. Charles Lee of Charlestown on an expedition to St. Augustine, FL. Two days after leaving Savannah, the SC government sent an express to return northward.

Sep. 19, 1776 

Coweecho River, NC

(aka the Black Hole)
Col. Andrew Williamson with Lt. Col. Thomas Sumter and 100 men of the SC 6th Regiment, plus about 1,900 SC militia under Col. Thomas Neel, Col. John Thomas, Sr., Maj. Andrew Pickens, Capt. Edward Lacey, Capt. Joseph Hamilton (Hamilton's Artillery), and Capt. Samuel Boykin with his company of Catawba Indians surprised by 50 Loyalists and 250 Cherokees.

Oct. 14, 1776

Altamaha River, GA
As ordered, Col. William Thomson sent a detachment led by Capt John Caldwell with 100 men to Fort Barrington on the Altamaha River in Georgia. On Oct. 18, a second detachment of eight men under Lt. Barnes was sent. On Dec. 28, Capt. Richard Winn was sent to relieve Capt. John Caldwell's two detachments.

Feb. 23 - Mar. 15, 1777

Fort McIntosh on the Satilla, GA
A detachment of Col. William Thomson's SC 3rd Regiment of Rangers under Capt. Richard Winn sent to build a Patriot fort near a British fort in Georgia. British from Florida seized the fort and captured the Patriots.

Mar. - May, 1777

Caribbean Islands
SC privateer Rutledge patrolled near Martinique for two months. On March 4th, it captured the brig Endeavor bound for Africa. On April 2nd, she took the brig Diana bound for Cork. Also in April, she captured a slaver from Guinea. On April 30th, she captured the Royal George, but it slipped away. On May 3rd, she captured the sloop Nancy bound for Jamaica.

Mar. 2, 1777

HMS Hound captured the Chance, with members of the SC 1st Regiment on board. Ten days later, it was lost in a storm.

Mar. 13, 1777

SC Navy schooner Defense took three large ships loaded with rum and sugar.

Apr. 2, 1777

Delaware Coast
SC Navy schooner Defense captured by two British frigates, the Perseus and the Roebuck.

May 21, 1777

St. Augustine, FL
SC Navy brig Comet captured the Apalachicola, a London brig carrying dry goods to St. Augustine.

May 25, 1777 

St. Augustine, FL
SC Navy brig Comet battles privateer Rebecca, owned by Capt. John Mowbray, off coast of St. Augustine. The Comet had two men killed and four wounded by close musket fire.

Jun. 2-5, 1777

Dry Harbour, Jamaica
SC privateer Washington captured the Blakeney, another sloop full of logwood, two longboats, a sloop, then sailed to Havana, which was a safe port for privateers.

Jun. 8, 1777

St. John's River, FL
SC privateer Cotesworth Pinckney owned by Capt. William Ranking captured the sloop Mary with a cargo of rum, sugar, beef, candles, and butter. Capt. Bissell and seven sailors placed aboard to take her to Charlestown, but it was captured by Capt. John Mowbray on the Daphne.

Jun. 13, 1777

Castle Harbour, Bermuda
Charles and Francis Morgan of SC attacked with their two armed brigs. They burned the harbor fort, captured the sloop Ana, and took it to Charlestown.

Jul. 14, 1777 

Florida Coast
SC Navy brigantine Notre Dame with Capt. Stephen Seymore captured the British brigantine Judith bound from Londonderry to St. Augustine.

Oct. 1777

Gulf of Mexico
SC Navy brig Notre Dame, commanded by Lt. William Hall, captured two merchantmen, the John and the Jemmy & Sally, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dec, 22, 1777

SC Navy brig Comet, commanded by Capt. James Pyne, captured by Royal Navy ship Daphne. Capt. Pyne was sent to New York as a prisoner, and his crew was forced to become Royal Navy seamen - four decided to escape.

Mar. 7-8, 1778

Continental Navy frigate Randolph, commanded by Capt. Nicholas Biddle, with mostly impressed British seamen taken from jail in Philadelphia, was sent with several other ships to intercept British shipping in the West Indies. On board were 52 men of the SC 1st Regiment led by Capt. Joseph Ioor, Lt. Gray, and Lt. Simons. On March 7th, they engaged the 64-gun Yarmouth out of Antigua, with cannons firing and the SC infantrymen shooting at the enemy's decks. The Randolph was clearly winning the fight when an enemy shell hit its powder magazine and exploded. Only four sailors of the Randolph survived.

May-July 1778 

March Through Georgia

(Florida Expedition)
Maj. Gen. Robert Howe, with GA and SC militia, marched through Georgia, reaching the St. Mary's River and capturing Fort Tonyn. Maj. Samuel Wise's detachment returned to Savannah, where they remained for a while. Col. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and the remaining SC troops returned via ship to Charlestown.

Jun. 22, 1778

Ogeechee River, GA
Capt. James Moore with some East Florida Rangers was ambushed and he was wounded and captured.

June 28, 1778

Battle of Monmouth (NJ)
Col. John Smith of what later became Darlington County was commended by General George Washington for his bravery.

Nov. 29, 1778 

Capture of Savannah
Lt. Col. Archibald Campbell defeated Maj. Gen. Robert Howe's army on this date, and Savannah fell into the hands of the British. Maj. Samuel Wise's men formed the right wing of Maj. Gen. Howe's army, which was commanded by Brig. Gen. Isaac Huger.

Dec. 29, 1778

Detachments of the SC 3rd Regiment and SC 4th Regiment assisted Maj. Gen. Robert Howe's army against a much larger British force that finally took the town.

Jan. 6-10, 1779 

Fort Morris, GA
A detachment of the SC 3rd Regiment of Rangers led by Lt. James Robinson with 26 men joined the GA Patriots in a futile attempt to fend off a much larger British force. Supported by detachment of SC 4th Regiment (Artillery).

Feb. 3, 1779

Augusta, GA
Lt. Col. Archibald Campbell vs. Col. Andrew Williamson and Col. Andrew Pickens along the Savannah River.

Feb. 8-10, 1779

Carr's Fort, GA
Col. Andrew Pickens with 250 men of the Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment, a detachment of NC Militia, and the GA Militia under Col. John Dooly attempted to retake the fort from the Loyalists, but were forced to abandon their seige when they learned more Loyalists were soon coming.

Feb. 14, 1779

Kettle Creek, GA
Col. Andrew Pickens with 200 men joined the Georgia Militia in defeating the Loyalists gathered at Kettle Creek.

Feb. 18, 1779

Herbert's Store, GA
Col. LeRoy Hammond, his Lower Ninety-Six District Regiment, and Georgians John McIntosh and Lt. Col. John Twiggs captured and killed a British garrison and captured 200 horses.

Mar. 3, 1779

Briar Creek, GA
NC Militia Maj. Gen. John Ashe commanded a force of over 2,300 men, including a detachment of the SC 3rd Brigade of Militia led by Brig. Gen. Andrew Williamson, and a detachment of the SC 4th Regiment of Artillery led by Lt. Col. John Faucheraud Grimke with 50 men and three guns, along with others from NC and GA. Got their butts whipped.

Mar. 20, 1779

Abercorn Creek, GA
SC Navy galley Congress, commanded by Capt. Robert Campbell with 70 men and 17 guns, along with 36 men of an independent company of seamen - and - the galley Lee, commanded by Capt. Jacob Milligan with 130 French sailors and 12 guns, fight the armed sloop HMS Greenwich with 12 guns and an unknown galley and flatboat. Capt. Campbell was killed along with 39 other either killed or wounded.

Mar. 21, 1779 

Crossroads, Beech Island, GA
Col. Eli Kershaw of the Camden District Regiment supported Lt. Col. John Twiggs of the GA Militia against Maj. John Spurgin with about 200 GA Loyalist militia.

Mar. 22, 1779 

Rocky Comfort Creek, GA
SC militia led by Col. LeRoy Hammond with 300 men, and Maj. John Ross of the 2nd Spartan Regiment with about 200 men ran into Loyalist Capt. Alexander McGillivray with 10 men and about 40 Creek Indians.

April 1779 

North Atlantic Ocean
Capt. Thomas Pickering killed during a mid-ocean battle between his ship, the Hampton, and an East Indiaman that was armed with 36 guns.

Apr. 19, 1779

Savannah, GA
Sgt. William Jasper and Sgt. John Newton of the SC 2nd Regiment crossed the Savannah River and captured Captains Scott and Young, and brought them to Charlestown.

Jul. 21, 1779

Ebenezer, GA
Sgt. William Jasper alone and once with Sgt. John Newton went to see Jasper's brother, a Loyalist. Learned some prisoners to be hanged in Savannah, so they ambushed the guards and retook the Patriots and saved their lives.

 Sep. 16-Oct. 18 1779

Siege of Savannah, GA
British captured Savannah in late November of 1778. General George Washington sent south Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln to assume command of the southern forces from Maj. Gen. Robert Howe. He rushed 2,500 Continentals and SC Militia forces to the Beaufort District and encamped at Purrysburg. British Brig. Gen. Augustine Prevost attacked SC and kept the Patriots on the run for most of the first half of 1779. By September, the Patriots were ready to go after Prevost, now in Savannah. Count D'Estaing arrived with some of the French fleet, but they made little diference.

Oct. 26, 1779

Tybee River, GA
SC Navy ships, Myrtle and Rutledge, expecting to find Patriots in charge of the area ran into Royal Navy, and they were captured.

Mar. 25, 1780

Savannah, GA
Col. Andrew Pickens ambushed a detachment of the NY Volunteers riding out of Savannah.

Apr. 5, 1780 

Wright's Plantation, GA
Col. Andrew Pickens with 300 men fought Capt. Thomas Conkling of DeLancey's Brigade with 65 men, who were sent to stop Col. Pickens from destroying the former Royal Governor's plantation.

Jun. 20, 1780

Ramseur's Mill (NC)
Loyalist Lt. Col. John Moore with about 1,300 men vs. NC Col. Francis Locke with NC and SC Militia, including Col. Thomas Brandon of the 2nd Spartan Regiment, with several other detached SC companies.

Sep. 9, 1780

Anson County, NC
Col. Abel Kolb of the Cheraws District Militia (SC) led 80-100 men against Loyalists in two locations in Anson County, NC, killing three and wounding five.

Sep. 14-18, 1780

McKay's Trading Post, GA
Maj. James McCall, of Col. Thomas Sumter's Brigade, with 300 men supported GA Col. Elijah Clarke's attack of this Loyalist site.

Feb. 25, 1781

Haw River, NC
aka Pyle's Defeat or Pyle's Massacre. Brig. Gen. Andrew Pickens with 500 SC militiamen supported Lt. Col. Henry Lee assault against NC Loyalist Col. John Pyle.

Mar. 6, 1781 

Whitesell's Mill, NC
Brig. Gen. Andrew Pickens sent Lt. Col. William Farr with an unknown number of men to support the Continentals under Col. Otho Williams.

Mar. 15, 1781

Guilford Court House, NC
Brig. Gen. Andrew Pickens on his way home after Whitesell's Mill, but some of his men stuck around and supported Lt. Col. Henry Lee of Virginia.

Apr-Jun 1781

Siege of Augusta
April 16th, first under siege by Georgians and Col. LeRoy Hammond. Brig. Gen. Andrew Pickens with Lt. Col. Henry Lee sent by Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene in mid-May to help Georgian Col. Elijah Clarke take Augusta, which takes until June 6th.

May 23, 1781

Fort Grierson, GA
Brig. Gen. Andrew Pickens with Lt. Col. Henry Lee and SC Militia against GA Loyalist Militia under Col. James Grierson. Considered part of the Siege of Augusta by most historians.

Sep. 8, 1781

Shetland Islands, off Scotland
SC Navy frigate South Carolina just purchased in Amsterdam got underway on August 24th and headed for America. After a two day chase, she captured the privateer Alexander of Liverpool on September 8th. After stripping her, a prize crew was put aboard and she was recaptured soon thereafter.

Oct. 21, 1781

Madeira Islands, Near Coast of Africa
Frigate South Carolina captured the Venus, bound from Newfoundland to Lisbon, with 1,600 quntals of saltfish.

Jan. 7, 1782

Bahama Channel, Atlantic Ocean
Frigate South Carolina, commanded by Commodore Alexander Gillon, captured five ships going from Jamaica to Europe loaded with sugar and lumber.

 Jan. 12-Apr. 12 1782

Siege of Savannah
Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene, under orders from General George Washington, sent Brig. Gen. John Barnwell and his SC 4th Brigade of Militia/State Troops along with Col. Wade Hampton (SC 1st Regiment of State Dragoons) to assist Maj. Gen. Anthony Wayne in retaking Savannah.

May 8, 1782

New Providence, Bahamas
Frigate South Carolina assisted the Spanish in their attack against the British at New Providence, Bahamas.

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