The American Revolution in South Carolina

 The Brigadier Generals
Brigadier General First Unit Served In As a BG From To Notes Battles/Skirmishes at This Rank
Barnwell, John SC 4th Brigade of Militia/State Troops 1781 1783 Sept. 15, 1781, SC 4th Brigade of Militia/State Troops created by SC Legislature. Beaufort
Bryant, John Continental Army 1779 1779 At Briar's Creek, Georgia.  South Carolinian either in GA Militia or Continental Army. -
Bull, Stephen 1st Brigade of SC Militia 1778 1780 Promoted to Brig. Gen. March 1778. Port Royal Island #1, Siege of Charleston 1780.
Gadsden, Christopher SC 1st Regiment 1776 1777 Colonel 6/17/1775, but was in Contental Congress until Feb 1776.  Promoted to BG 9/16/1776.  Resigned due to difficulties with Gen. Robert Howe 10/2/1777.  Captured at Fall of Charleston as Lieutenant Governor. -
Henderson, William SC 1st Brigade of Militia/State Troops 1782 1783 Promoted to Lt. Colonel 9/16/1776.  Feb 1780 transferred to SC 3rd Regiment.  POW at Fall of Charleston, exchanged Nov 1780.  Transferred to SC 1st Brigade of SC Troops 1/1/1781 under BG Thomas Sumter.  Promoted to Colonel 9/30/1781.  Promoted to Brigadier General 1782. None
Huger, Isaac Continental Army 1779 1783 9/16/1776 promoted to Colonel/commander of SC 5th Regiment.  Promoted to Brigadier General 1/9/1779 in Continental Army.  Jan. 1780, given command of SC Light Horse, outside of Charleston.  Not captured at the Fall of Charleston.  Later, given command of a VA Brigade under Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene. 13-Mile House, Stono Ferry, Hobkirk Hill, Guilford Court House (NC)
Marion, Francis SC 2nd Brigade of Militia/State Troops 1780 1783 June 17, 1775, a Captain. Promoted to Major 11/14/1775. Promoted to Lt. Colonel 9/23/1778. After the Fall of Charlestown, he was "elected" as Colonel in the SC Militia, and soon assembled many others under his command. Promoted to Brigadier General 12/30/1780 over the SC 2nd Brigade of Militia / SC State Troops. Georgetown #6, Halfway Swamp #2, Blakely's Plantation, Witherspoon's Plantation, Wiboo Swamp, Black River Bridge, Sampit Bridge #1, Sampit Bridge #2, Witherspoon's Ferry, Fort Watson #2, Fort Motte, Georgetown #7, Quinby's Bridge, Godfrey's Savannah, Parker's Ferry #2, Eutaw Springs, Tidyman's Plantation, Middleton Plantation, Bowling Green, Wadboo Swamp
McIntosh, Alexander 4th Brigade of SC Militia 1778 1780 From Marlboro District.  Promoted to Brig. Gen. March 1778.  POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Died 11/18/1780. Charleston Neck 1779, Siege of Savannah (GA), Siege of Charleston 1780
Motte, Isaac - 1783 1783 Promoted to Brevet Brigadier General on 9/30/1783. -
Moultrie, William Continental Army 1776 1783 Promoted to Brigadier General 9/16/1776. POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Exchanged in 1782.  Promoted to Major General on 10/15/1782. Port Royal Island #1, Tullifinny Hill, Siege of Charleston 1780.
Pickens, Andrew SC 3rd Brigade of Militia/State Troops 1781 1783 Promoted to Colonel 1778.  Promoted to Brigadier General 1781. Siege of Ninety-Six 1781, Eutaw Springs, Edisto River, Indian Villages, Last Cherokee Campaign
Richardson, Richard 2nd Brigade of SC Militia 1778 1780 Promoted to Brigadier General 3/25/1778.  POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Died Sept. 1780. Siege of Charleston 1780
Sumter, Thomas SC 1st Brigade of Militia/State Troops 1780 1782 First under Col. Richard Richardson. Lt. Colonel 2/29/1776, commander of SC 6th Regiment. Promoted to Colonel (?)  Resigned 9/23/1778. Sat at home until May 1780. Created Sumter's Brigade in early Summer of 1780. His men voted him as Brigadier General in June 1780, recognized by Gov. John Rutledge on October 6, 1780. Resigned on August 1781 and again in January 1782. Fish Dam Ford, Brierley's Ferry, Blackstocks, Fort Granby #1, Thomson's Plantation, Big Savannah, Fort Watson #1, Lynches Creek, Radcliffe's Bridge, Mobley & Sandy Run, Orangeburgh #2, Quinby's Bridge, Orangeburgh #3
Williams, James Not Defined 1780 1780 Promoted to Major in mid-1776, Promoted to Lt. Colonel in 1776.  Promoted to Colonel in Sept. 1779. Killed at battle of Kings Mountain 10/7/1780.  Promoted to Brigadier General just before he was killed. None
Williamson, Andrew 3rd Brigade of SC Militia 1778 1780 Promoted to Colonel in 1776. Promoted to Brigadier General in 1778 and given command of the 3rd Brigade of SC Militia.  Surrendered his entire brigade after fall of Charlestown. Allegedly, began cooperating with the British.  Also allegedly, a double-agent spy for the Patriots. Briar Creek, Stono Ferry, Siege of Savannah

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