The American Revolution in South Carolina

Colonel Peter Horry



Peter Horry was a planter of Huguenot descent and a South Carolina officer during the American Revolution. On June 12, 1775, the Provincial Congress of South Carolina elected all officers for the 1st and 2nd South Carolina Regiments as Provincial Troops, which on September 16, 1776, were taken on the Continental Establishment. Peter Horry was elected as captain and assigned to the 2nd SC Regiment.

On September 16, 1776, he was promoted to major of the 2nd SC Regiment, and in 1779 was promoted to Lt. Colonel and assigned to lead the 5th SC Regiment. When the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th SC Regiments were consolidated on February 12, 1780, into three regiments he was placed upon the "supernumerary list" to await a vacancy in the Continental Line of South Carolina. This never came because the British seized Charlestown on May 12, 1780, and the South Carolina Continental Line was now dissolved.

In July of 1780, all officers and men of the South Carolina Continental Line, not in the hands of the enemy or on parole, were directed to report to Major General Horatio Gate's headquarters at Hillsborough, NC. Per these orders, Lt. Colonel Peter Horry and others reported to Major General Gates, but as he was without a command, Major General Gates assigned him to the Militia of South Carolina.

After the appointment of Lt. Colonel Francis Marion, another officer of the South Carolina Line without a command—his regiment having been captured at the Fall of Charlestown while he was on furlough—to be Brigadier General by Governor John Rutledge, Peter Horry became a Lt. Colonel of one of the Militia cavalry regiments under Brigadier General Francis Marion. In October of 1781, he was promoted to full Colonel, now over a regiment of State Troops - the SC 4th Regiment of State Dragoons.

In March of 1782, this unit was disbanded due to heavy losses at the battles of Wambaw Bridge and Tidyman's Plantation, and the few men left were transferred to Colonel Hezekiah Maham's SC 3rd Regiment of State Dragoons. Colonel Peter Horry was given command of Georgetown, but he soon resigned for good and went home.

Peter Horry served in both the SC House of Representatives and Senate and as Register of the Mesne Conveyances for Charleston County. After the state militia was reorganized in 1792, Brigadier General Peter Horry was given command of the Sixth Brigade (Georgetown), where he served until 1802. Peter Horry died in Columbia in 1815 and is buried at Trinity (Episcopal) Church.

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