The American Revolution in South Carolina

Francis Marion's Replacement Commission as Lt. Colonel

Apparently, Francis Marion asked for a replacement of his commission as Lt. Colonel over the SC 2nd Regiment, and Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln signed this on April 12, 1782 as Secretary of War. As shown below, the commission was effective September 16, 1776.

One must note, that this was a 'back dated' commission, but the 'back dating' was slightly inaccurate. Francis Marion was not appointed/commissioned as Lt. Colonel/Commandant until September 23, 1778, the date when Col. Isaac Motte resigned as the leader of the SC 2nd Regiment to take his seat on the SC Privy Council.

However, Marion WAS promoted to Lt. Colonel (not Commandant) on September 16, 1776, and he served under Col. Isaac Motte, who was also promoted to full Colonel (and Commandant) over the SC 2nd Regiment on the same date. Both of these promotions were due to William Moultrie being promoted to Brigadier General on September 16, 1776.

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