The South Carolina General Assembly

South Carolina's third state Constitution was ratified in 1790 and it called for a general election in October with sessions to begin in November. However, the first session of the Ninth (9th) General Assembly was postponed until the first Monday in January of 1791.

In 1785, the South Carolina General Assembly created thirty-four (34) new counties, but not all of them were given "election district" status at that point in time. The new 1790 Constitution added the above-referenced twenty-one (21) new "election districts" - twenty (20) were of the thirty-four (34) counties created in 1785, and one (1) was St. Luke's Parish (established in 1767), which had previously been included within Prince William's Parish election district.

Several sources assert that Liberty and Kingston Counties were defined in 1791 as the Marion District and the Horry District - but, this is an error that has been promulgated for many years and continues to this day. Liberty County was renamed to Marion County in 1798 - and its associated "election district" was renamed to the Marion District starting in 1800. Kingston County was renamed to Horry District (SC abandoned the term county in 1800) in 1801 - and its associated "election district" was renamed to the Horry District in 1802.

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