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Dillon County


On December 17, 1894, the South Carolina General Assembly passed an Act to authorize the Town Council of the town of Dillon, in Marion County, to issue bonds up to $3,000 for the erection of buildings for the graded school in said town - if voters agree to this. The Act also authorized an additional special school tax to pay the interest on said bonds - again, if voters agreed.

[Note - in 1894, the town of Dillon was in Marion County. In 1910, the town of Dillon was named the county seat for Dillon County.]

In 1911 W. C. Allen led a movement for a public library in Latta and was authorized by the town council to negotiate with Andrew Carnegie for funds. After the town complied with conditions set by Mr. Carnegie, he donated $5,000 and C. F. Bass of Latta gave land for the building, which opened as the Latta Library in 1914. Voters in a valid election levied a tax for maintenance. A rear portion and north wing were added later.

This library initially served the Latta area and its schools, but in 1929 extended its service to all Dillon County schools. The cost led the library board to ask the county to provide aid. The county complied, although local control of library service continued. By statutory provision in 1973 a county library providing for countywide control was established; the Latta Library is the base of this operation.


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