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An Act to Establish a Reformatory in Connection with the State Penitentiary.

February 19, 1900

Acts and Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina 1900, Pages 443-444.

Whereas, It is deemed advisable that there shall be a State Reformatory in this State for the custody and confinement of criminals under the age of sixteen years; therefore,

Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina, That the Board of Directors and Superintendent of the State Penitentiary are hereby authorized and required to set apart so much of the state farm in the County of Lexington as may be necessary for such Reformatory. They shall also provide suitable buildings and stockade for the safe-keeping and comfort of persons sentenced thereto.

Sec. 2. The Superintendent of the Penitentiary is authorized to use any money on hand, or that may accrue out of the profits of the State Penitentiary, to defray the expenses incurred in providing such buildings and stockade and other appurtenances to the State Reformatory Farm.

Sec. 3. He shall also appoint, as Warden or Overseer, a person who, from practical experience, possesses the ability and qualifications necessary to successfully carry on the industries of the Reformatory, and to enforce and maintain proper discipline therein, and shall remove the same at will. Salary of the Warden shall be paid out of the profits of the State Penitentiary.

Sec. 4. The Board of Directors and Superintendent of the Penitentiary shall make rules and regulations for the government of the Reformatory.

Sec. 5. The Superintendent of the Penitentiary shall place in the Reformatory all male criminals, under sixteen years of age, who shall be legally sentenced to said Reformatory on conviction of any criminal offence in any Court having jurisdiction thereof and punishable by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary. He shall also remove all such convicts now in the Penitentiary as soon as existing circumstances will allow. The discipline to be observed in the said prison shall be reformatory, and the Warden shall have power to use such means of reformation, consistent with the improvement of the inmates, as may be prescribed by the Board and Superintendent. The Superintendent shall provide for the instruction of the inmates in morals as well as useful labor. The white convicts shall be kept and employed separately from the colored convicts.

Approved the 19th Day of February, A.D. 1900.

Miles B. McSweeney, Governor.
Robert B. Scarborough, Lt. Governor and President of the Senate.
Frank Boyd Gary, Speaker of the House

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