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An Act to Provide the Pupils Attending the Free Public Schools in Oconee, Pickens and Abbeville Counties with School Text Books and Other School Supplies at Actual Cost.

January 5, 1895

Acts and Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina 1894, Pages 937-938.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That the County Board of Examiners of the Counties of Oconee, Pickens and Abbeville be, and they are hereby, authorized and required to set aside from the public school funds of said Counties a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars for Oconee and Abbeville, and three hundred dollars for Pickens County, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for the purpose of providing the pupils attending the free public schools of said Counties with school text books and other school supplies at actual cost or exchange price.

Sec. 2. That the amounts so set aside from the general fund shall be paid to the County School Commissioners by the County Treasurers out of any County school funds in their hands, on the warrant of said County Boards of Examiners.

Sec. 3. That the said amount so set aside by the said County Boards of Examiners shall be and remain a permanent fund in the hands of the County School Commissioners, to be used by them in purchasing and keeping on hand school text books for the use of pupils attending the free public schools of said Counties, to be furnished to said pupils by them for cash at actual cost, or exchange prices, and to be used for no other purpose and in no other manner.

Sec. 4. That the said County School Commissioners shall, if the County Boards of Examiners so order, purchase, and in like manner, other school supplies to be sold to said pupils.

Sec. 5. That for a full and just accounting for said money and books and other school supplies, and all their acts and dealings relating thereto, the said County School Commissioners shall be responsible on their official bonds.

Sec. 6. That no tax or license, either State, County or municipal, shall be imposed on or required of said School Commissioners on account of their purchasing and furnishing of said books and supplies to the pupils as aforesaid.

Sec. 7. That the said County School Commissioners shall receive no additional compensation for such services on account of the duties herein required of them, and that all Acts and parts of Acts inconsistent here with be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

Approved: January 5th, A.D. 1895.

John Gary Evans, Governor.
W.H. Timmerman, Lt. Governor and President of the Senate.
Ira B. Jones, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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