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An Act to Recognize the L.I. (Licentiate of Instruction) Degree Conferred by the Peabody Normal College, of the University of Nashville, Tenn., as a Qualification to Teach in the Public Schools of this State Without Examination Here.

January 4, 1894

Acts and Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina 1893, Page 491.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That the L. I. (Licentiate of Instruction) Degree conferred by University of Nashville, Peabody Normal College, of Nashville, in the State of Tennessee, be, and said degree is hereby, declared to be an evidence of sufficient qualification of the person on whom the same is conferred to entitle such person to teach in any of the free public schools of this State without farther examination in this State; and such person on presentation of his or her diploma and certificate of Degree to the County Board of Examiners of any County in this State, shall be entitled to, and shall have issued in his or her behalf, a first grade teacher's certificate for such County: Provided, The issuance of said certificate shall in all cases be a matter in the discretion of the County Board of Examiners.

Sec. 2. That this Act shall take effect immediately upon its approval, and Acts and parts of Acts inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed.

Approved: January 4th, A.D. 1894.

Benjamin R. Tillman, Governor.
Eugene B. Gary, Lt. Governor and President of the Senate.
Ira B. Jones, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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