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An Act to Provide for the Establishment of a New School District in Edgefield County and to Authorize the Levy and Collection of a Special School Tax Therein.

December 24, 1887

Acts and Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina 1887, Pages 1013-1014.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That a new School District is hereby established in the County of Edgefield, to be known as '"Edgefield School District," and shall be embraced in the following described area: Taking the Court House in the town of Edgefield as the central point, draw lines extending two miles North, South, East and West. Let lines be drawn at right angles to the extremities of these lines, and be extended till they cut each other, and the area thus in cluded shall constitute the said School District.

Sec. 2. That the voters of said School District who return real or personal property for taxation are hereby authorized to levy and collect an annual tax, not to exceed one and one-half mills, to supplement the Constitutional two mills tax. And for said purposes the Trustees of said School District, upon the written request of five taxpayers of said School District, shall call a public meeting of the taxpayers of said School District, at any time before the first Monday of January in each year, the call for which meeting shall be advertised in some newspaper published in said County, once a week for two weeks, and published by posting the same in three conspicuous places in said School District, before said meeting. When assembled the meeting of taxpayers shall have power to elect a Chairman and Secretary, adjourn from time to time, and levy a special tax for the ensuing year, not exceeding one and one-half mills, for such school purposes as a majority of those present shall determine, and no tax so voted shall be repealed at any subsequent meeting.

Sec. 3. That within (10) ten days after the said meeting, the Chairman and Secretary thereof shall furnish the Board of Trustees of said District, and the County Auditor, with the amount of said levy, and the Auditor shall enter the same in his tax duplicate, and the Treasurer shall collect the same as other County and State taxes, which in like manner shall be a lien upon the property of the respective taxpayers of said School District. That the taxes so collected shall be held by the County Treasurer, whose bond shall be liable for any default; and the said taxes shall be paid out by him upon the warrant of the Board of Trustees for said School District, countersigned by the School Commissioner of Edgefield County.

Sec. 4. This Act shall take effect from the time of its passage, and all Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent therewith be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

In the Senate House, the twenty-fourth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven.

William L. Mauldin, President of the Senate.
James Simons, Jr., Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Approved: December 24th, A.D. 1887.
John P. Richardson, Governor.

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