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An Act to Establish a New School District in Georgetown County, and to Authorize the Levy and Collection of a Local Tax Therein.

December 24, 1885

Acts and Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina 1885, Pages 184-186.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That for the purpose of maintaining public schools in the Town of Georgetown, a new School District be, and the same is hereby, created and established in the County of Georgetown, embracing within its limits all that territory lying between Black and Sampit Rivers and within a radius of three miles from the Court House in said town.

SEC. 2. That the said District shall be known as the Winyah Indigo School District, and shall be a body politic and corporate, with such government, rights, privileges and liabilities as are provided for School Districts by the School Law of South Carolina.

SEC. 3. That in addition to the rights and privileges herein before granted, the said School District shall have power to levy on all real and personal property returned in the said District a tax not exceeding two mills on the dollar, subject to the following provision: The School Trustees of said District shall at any time previous to the 30th day of June of each year, upon the written request of five property holders, issue a call for a public meeting (after two weeks’ notice) of all those citizens, being legal voters, who reside and return real and personal property in said District; and such notice shall be published in at least one newspaper and posted in two public places in said District for at least two weeks before such meeting, and shall specify the time, place and object of such meeting.

SEC. 4. That when the persons answering the above description shall have assembled in public meeting, they shall have power to select a Chairman and Secretary, adjourn from time to time, and decide what additional tax, if any, shall be levied for the purposes of this Act: Provided, That no tax thus levied shall be repealed at any subsequent meeting within the same year.

SEC. 5. There shall be appointed in the manner now provided by law three Trustees, who, in conjunction with four Trustees, to be appointed from among the members of the Winyah Indigo Society by the State Superintendent of Education, shall constitute the Board of Trustees for said School District, whose term of office shall be for two years from the date of such appointments respectively, and who, in addition to the duties and responsibilities now provided by law for Trustees of School Districts, shall have the following powers and duties: First. To purchase, lease or erect suitable buildings for the use of the public schools of said School District. Second. To elect and dismiss superintendents and teachers of said schools, prescribe their duties and terms of office and to fix their salaries, and to cause an examination of said teachers to be made whenever necessary. Third. To determine the class books and studies to be used in said schools, and to make rules and regulations for the government of the said schools. Fourth. To determine the manner in which the tax heretofore authorized (and the two mills Constitutional poll tax provided by law) shall be expended in maintaining said public schools. Fifth. To fill all vacancies occurring in said Board of Trustees by death, resignation, removal or otherwise during their term of ofiice or service: Provided, That where such vacancy arises from the death, resignation or removal of a Trustee who is a member of the Winyah Indigo Society, his successor shall be appointed from said society.

SEC. 6. That it shall be the duty of the Chairman and Secretary of said public meeting, within one week after said meeting has been held, to notify the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for said School District, and the Auditor of said County, of the amount of the tax thus levied, and the purposes for which the same has been levied; and the County Auditor shall at once assess such tax on all real and personal property returned in said School District; and the County Treasurer shall collect the same with the State and County taxes; and such tax shall be a lien on all property until paid, and defaulting taxpayers shall be liable to like process and penalties as defaulters for State and County taxes.

SEC. 7. That the money collected from said tax levy, and the Constitutional poll and two mill tax to which the District is entitled under the general provisions of the law shall be held by the County Treasurer and paid out on warrants drawn by the Trustees of said School District, countersigned by the County School Commissioner; the said Treasurer shall be liable to said School District for the non-performance of his duty in respect to said money, in the same manner and to the same extent, and under like penalties, as for non-performance of his duties in reference to State and County taxes.

SEC. 8. That for convenience in assessing and collecting such tax, the County Commissioners of Georgetown County are hereby authorized (if necessary) to lay off a new Township, with such name and number as they may select, to be coterminous in extent with such School District, the assessment for the fiscal scholastic year beginning November 1, 1885, to be made by the County Auditor immediately after he shall have been notified by the Chairman and Secretary of the amount of the tax so levied.

SEC. 9. That the School Trustees now in charge of School District No. 1 of Georgetown County are hereby authorized and required to act until the election and appointment of the Trustees provided for by this Act.

SEC. 10. That this Act shall take effect immediately after its passage.

SEC. 11. That all Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent with the provisions of this Act be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

In the Senate House, the twenty-third day of December, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five.

John C. Sheppard, President of the Senate.
James Simons, Jr., Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Approved: December 24th, A.D. 1885.
Hugh S. Thompson, Governor.

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