South Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

Spring Hill Academic Society Incorporated.

February 16, 1884

Acts and Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina 1886, Page 769.

State of South Carolina,
Marlborough County

To the Honorable the Secretary of State:

In obedience to the requirements of the Acts of the General Assembly, I beg leave to report that I have granted a charter of incorporation to Spring Hill Academic Society. That the date of said charter of incorporation is February 16, 1884. The name of said corporation is Spring Hill Academic Society. The purposes for which it is incorporated are educational. The names of its corporators are A. J. Matherson, W. J. McLeod, J. L. Napier, J. D. Hill, J. N. Drake, W. F. Kinsey, J. C. Campbell, L. A. McLeod and others. Its principal place of business is Mineral Spring, and the amount of its capital stock is_____.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

[seal] C. M. WEATHERBY,
Clerk of Circuit Courts for Marlborough County, S. C.

Received and filed May 8th, 1886, in office of Secretary of State.

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