South Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

An Act to Charter the Inter-State Normal College, at Greenville.

December 12, 1879

Acts and Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of South Carolina 1879, Pages 5-7.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That the following persons be, and hereby are, constituted a Board of Regents for an Institute Normal College, to be located in the city of Greenville, in the State of South Carolina: Wade Hampton, W. D. Simpson, H. S. Thompson, James Conner, J. E. Dunlop, H. T. Morton, J. Scott Murray, John H. Evins, J. F. Dorroh, S. S. Marshall, J. M. Carlisle, S. J. Douthitt, R. E. Bowen, J. W. Livingston, Thos. Thompson, S. McGowan, A. Burt, J. C. Maxwell, J. H. Sligh and J. J. Lewis.

SEC. 2. The said Normal College is hereby chartered with all the privileges usually granted colleges of the highest rank, to wit: Board of Regents - they may grant diplomas to persons who have completed the course of study prescribed in this institution and passed a satisfactory examination on the said course; they may also confer the usual honorary degree; they may hold property to the amount of five hundred thousand dollars, buy and sell, sue and be sued as a corporate body. The said Regents may hold their regency during life or the faithful performance of their duties and functions in connection with the said institution, subject to the authority and decision of the Legislature of this State; they may elect the President, professors and teachers of the said Normal College and the Model School connected therewith; they shall prescribe a course of study and regulate the terms of the school year, provided these terms be not less than nine months in each year.

SEC. 3. Students of both sexes shall be admitted to this college on the following terms: One hundred students shall be admitted free of tuition from the several Congressional Districts, to be apportioned according to population. They shall be required to attain a certain standard of qualifications. They shall bind themselves by a written obligation to teach at least two years within the State, provided a situation can be obtained within a reasonable time; and should they refuse or fail to comply with this obligation, they shall severally pay the sum of thirty dollars for each year spent at the Normal College to the Treasurer of the said institution, to be used for the benefit of the same, and the sum required shall be collected as other debts.

SEC. 4. Male students shall be eighteen years of age, and females at least seventeen.

SEC. 5. Any student desiring to become qualified for teaching may be admitted to the privileges of the normal course upon paying a fee of thirty dollars annually.

SEC. 6. Other States participating in the management and support of this college shall, by the contribution of three thousand dollars annually, be entitled to send one hundred students free of tuition to this Normal College, and be entitled to elect a number of Regents equal to the number chosen from South Carolina, and may send any number of students they may elect at the rate of thirty dollars annually for each student sent.

SEC. 7. Other States participating in the support of this institution shall be entitled to a pro rata share of all funds received from the Peabody Committee and from other sources, except when contributed for a special purpose, so long as they continue to participate in the said support.

SEC. 8. The Board of Regents shall meet annually and make an annual report to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, to be presented by him to this Legislature.

SEC. 9. The male students of the Normal College shall be trained in military tactics, embracing the manual for infantry and the school of the company and battalion.

SEC. 10. The Adjutant General of the State may, upon the requisition of the Board of Regents, supply the necessary arms and equipments for the students of the Normal College.

Thos. B. Jeter, President Pro Tem. of the Senate.
John C. Sheppard, Speaker of the House of Representatives.
William D. Simpson, Governor.

Approved: December 12, 1879

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