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An Act to Incorporate Certain Religious and Charitable Societies, and to Renew and Amend the Charters of Others Heretofore Granted.

December 17, 1863

The Statutes at Large of South Carolina, Volume XIII, Pages 189-191.

I - Little Mountain O. S. Presbyterian Church of Abbeville District incorporated for 21 years.

II - Rock Church in Abbeville District charter renewed for 21 years.

III. That the charter heretofore granted to the "Walterborough Male Academy," be, and the same is hereby, renewed and extended for twenty-one years, with all the rights, powers, privileges and immunities heretofore granted to said corporation.

IV - Ladies' Ursuline Community of Columbia incorporate for 21 years.

V - Aiken Mutual Relief Association incorporated.

VI - Annual Conference and Missionary Society of the South Carolina District Methodist Protestant Church incorporated for 21 years.

VII. That J. L. Reynolds, P. A. McMichael, T. W. Mellichamp, A. K. Craig, L. C. Hinton, John C. Kennedy, and their associates and successors, be, and are hereby, declared a body politic and corporate, under the name and style of the "Blythewood Female Academy," in Fairfield District, for the period of twenty-one years from the ratification of this Act, with power to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, to hold real and personal estate to an amount not exceeding fifty thousand dollars, and with all the rights, powers, privileges and immunities incident to such like corporations.

In the Senate House, the seventeenth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and in the eighty-eighth year of the sovereignty and independence of the State of South Carolina.

W. D. PORTER, President of the Senate.
A. P. ALDRICH, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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