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An Act to Incorporate Certain Religious and Charitable Societies, and Societies for the Advancement of Education, and to Renew and Amend the Charters of Others Heretofore Granted.

December 22, 1859

The Statutes at Large of South Carolina, Volume XII, Pages 682-687.

I. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That all free white persons who now are, or hereafter may hecome members of the following Societies, viz:

- St. Jacob's Evangelical Lutheran Church;
- Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church;
- Emanuel's Evangelical Lutheran Church;
- Cedar Grove Evangelical Lutheran Church;
- St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church, all in Lexington District, and in connection with the Tennessee Synod;
- The Hope Well Church in Pendleton;
- Mount Hope Baptist Church in Williamsburg District;
- Mount Ebal Baptist Church in Lexington District;
- Mount Zion Church in Newberry District;
- Kingston Presbyterian Church in Horry District;
- Carmel Presbyterian Church;
- The Salem Little River Presbyterian Church;
- St. George's Baptist Church;
- The Summerville Presbyterian Church;
- The Springtown Baptist Church;
- The State Line Baptist Church in Spartanburg District;
- The Columbia Baptist Association;
- Beersheba Church in York District;
- Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lexington District, in connection with the Evangelical Synod of South Carolina, and adjacent States,

be, and the same are hereby, declared and constituted bodies politic and corporate, by the name and style to each of them hereinbefore respectively assigned.

II. That the said Churches, Societies and Associations shall have succession of Trustees, Vestry and Wardens, officers and members, according to their respective by-laws; and shall have power, respectively, to make by-laws, not repugnant to the laws of the land, and to have, use and keep a common seal, and the same to alter at will; to sue and be sued in any court in this State, and to have and enjoy every right, power and privilege, incident to such corporations; and they are hereby empowered to hold, retain, possess and enjoy all such property, real and personal, as they may now severally have and possess, or be entitled to, or which shall hereafter be given, bequeathed or devised to them respectively, or in any manner acquired by them, and to sell, alien or transfer the same, or any part thereof: Provided, That the amount so held shall in no case exceed the sum of twenty thousand dollars.

III - Charters renewed:

- Chester Male Academy Society;
- The St. Patrick's Benevolent Society of Charleston;
- The Methodist Benevolent Society of Charleston;
- The Columbia Independent Fire Engine Company.

IV - Cheraw Presbyterian Society charter renewed for twenty-one (21) years.

V - Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in the town of Cheraw incorporated.

VI. That an Act entitled "An Act to re-charter the Board of Directors of the Theological Seminary of the Synod of South Carolina and Georgia," ratified on the twenty-first day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four, be, and the same is hereby, amended so that the said corporation may have power to receive, hold and enjoy property, real and personal, to an amount not exceeding five hundred thousand dollars.

VII & VIII - Sumter Circuit Camp Ground incorporated.

IX, X, XI and XII - The Presbyterian Church, in Chester District, heretofore known as Catholic Church, being a Presbyterian congregation holding the Westminster Confession of Faith, and connected with the Old School General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America incorporated.

Pleasant Grove Church, being a Presbyterian Church, in Chester District incorporated.

XIII - Carmel Presbyterian Church in Pickens District incorporated.

XIV. That W. A. Harrison, D. M. Peden and James E. Savage be, and they are hereby, declared a body corporate, by the name of "The Trustees of the Fairview Male and Female Schools," for the period of twenty-one years from the day of the ratification of this Act, and as such body corporate shall have power and capacity to have and use a common seal, and the same to alter at will; to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in any court of this State, to make all by-laws necessary and proper for the purpose of said corporation, not repugnant to the laws of this State, to take, receive, hold and enjoy property, real or personal, or mixed, to any amount not exceeding twenty thousand dollars at one time, and the same, or any part thereof, to alien, encumber, lease, or otherwise by deed dispose of at will, and in general to exercise and enjoy all the powers and privileges incident to incorporation. That vacancies in said Board of Trustees shall be filled by the members of the Fairview Presbyterian Church and congregation, to be chosen by a plurality of the votes of said church and congregation.

XV - Forest Cemetery Company incorporated.

XVI - Glebe Street Presbyterian Church of Charleston charter renewed for fourteen (14) years.

XVII - First Universalist Church of Charleston charter renewed for twenty-one (21) years.

XVIII - Trustees of St. Matthew's Camp Ground incoporated.

In the Senate House, the twenty-second day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, and in the eighty-fourth year of the sovereignty and independence of the United States of America.

WILLIAM D. PORTER, President of the Senate.
JAMES SIMONS, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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