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An Act to Incorporate Certain Societies, Associations and Companies, and for the Re-Charter of Others.

December 16, 1852

The Statutes at Large of South Carolina, Volume XII, Pages 169-171.

I & II - Societies, associations, and companies incorporated:

- The German Artillery Company and Charitable Society,
- The Edgefield Flying Artillery Company,
- The Carolina Blues,
- The Trinity Lodge, No. 22, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Yorkville,
- The Morgan Lodge, No. 19, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Spartanburg C. H.,
- The Edgefield Odd Fellows and Masonic Building Association,
- The Charleston Club, and
- The Fourth of July Association of Charleston.

III - Entities re-chartered:

- The Richland Volunteer Rifle Company,
- The Washington Light Infantry, and
- The New England Society.

IV - Axe Company of Charleston Neck changed its name to Palmetto Axe Company of Charleston.

V. That the Philomathean Literary Society, of Erskine College, be, and the same is hereby, incorporated as a body politic and corporate, with power to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in any Court of law or equity in this State; and shall have a common seal, and succession of officers, by the name and style of the Philomathean Society. That the said society shall hold but one meeting in each year in a corporate capacity, which meeting shall be on a day in the week in which the commencement of the said Erskine College shall be held, at which meeting no business of a corporate capacity shall be transacted, unless a majority of the honorary and regular members then present be of full age, and that the said society, at their annual meeting aforesaid, may make by-laws for their government, not repugnant to the laws of the land, and the said society shall be able and capable in law to take and receive, by donation or otherwise, and possess any personal estate: Provided, The same shall not exceed the sum of one thousand dollars; and dispose of the same as they may deem proper.

VI. That this Act is hereby declared to be a public Act, and shall continue of force for the term of fourteen years.

In the Senate House, the sixteenth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, and in the seventy-seventh year of the sovereignty and independence of the United States of America.

ROBT. F. W. ALLSTON, President of the Senate.
JAMES SIMONS, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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