South Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

An Act to Incorporate Certain Societies and Companies, and to Renew and Amend Certain Charters Heretofore Granted.

December 19, 1849

The Statutes at Large of South Carolina, Volume XI, Pages 556-560.

I - Religious societies incorporated:

- The Pine Tree Presbyterian Church in Kershaw District;
- Harmony Church, of the Old School Presbyterian Faith, in Sumter District;
- The Tyrrel's Bay Church in Marion District;
- The Catfish Baptist Church in Marion District;
- The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of the State of South Carolina and adjacent States;
- The Washington Baptist Church of Greenville District;
- The Home Branch Baptist Church, in Clarendon County, Sumter District;
- The Darech Amet, or Path of Truth Congregation of Hebrews, in the town of Columbia;
- The Orangeburg Presbyterian Church Society.

II - Societies and Associations incorporated:

- Pulaski Lodge, No. 20, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, in the town of Newberry;
- Butler Lodge, No. 17, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, in Edgefield District;
- Calhoun Lodge, No. 13, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, in the town of Hamburg;
- Jocassee Lodge, No. 18, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, at Anderson Court House;
- The Members of Friendship Tent, Independent Order of Rechabites, No. 314, of Charleston Neck;
- Vigilant Division, No. 10, of the Sons of Temperance, of Charleston Neck.

III - Fire companies incorporated:

- The Winyaw Fire Engine Company in Georgetown;
- The Salamander Fire Engine Company in Georgetown;
- The Axemen of Charleston Neck;
- The Washington Fire Engine Company of Charleston Neck.

IV. That the Trustees of Mount Hill Female Academy, at Greenville Church, in Abbeville District; the Trustees of the Euphemian Literary Society of Erskine College, and the members of the Society for the relief of the families of deceased and disabled indigent members of the Medical profession in the State of South Carolina, in Charleston, be, and the same are hereby, declared bodies politic and corporate in law, by the name and style to each above respectively assigned.

V. That the societies and associations aforesaid, shall have succession of officers and members according to their respective by-laws, and shall haye power respectively to make by-laws, not repugnant to the laws of the land, and to have, use and keep a common seal, and the same to alter at will, to sue and be sued in any Court in this State, and to have and enjoy every right incident to corporations. They are hereby empowered to retain, possess and enjoy all such property, real and personal, as they may severally possess, or be entitled to, or which shall hereafter be given, bequeathed to, or in any manner acquired by them, and to sell, alien or transfer the same or any part thereof: Provided, That the amount so held shall in no case exceed the sum of twenty thousand dollars.

VI - Second Associate Reformed Presbytery of the South incorporated.

VII - Associate Reformed Synod of the South incorporated.

VIII - Town of Blackwell named changed to Clinton, re-incorporated.

IX - Charleston Steam Tug Company incorporated.

X - Societies, companies, and associations re-incorporated:

- Lutheran Synod of South Carolina, Georgia and the adjoining States;
- The Turkey Creek Baptist Church, in Abbeville District;
- The Village of Lowndesville;
- The Sisters of our Lady of Mercy in Charleston;
- The Black Swamp Academy, in the village of Robertville, in Beaufort District;
- The Greenwood Association of Abbeville District for the Promotion of Education;
- The Trustees of the Anderson Male and Female Academies;
- The Trustees of the Laurensville Male and Female Academies;
- The South Carolina Association in Charleston;
- The Seventy-Six Association of Charleston;
- The Town of Aiken;
- The Lutheran Church of St Stephens in Lexington District;
- The Elders of Purity Church in Chester District.

XI - Trustees of Aveleigh Church succession authorized.

XII - Kershaw Lodge, No. 9, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Camden, and the Episcopal Female Bible, Prayer-book and Tract Society of Charleston, both incorporated.

XIII, XIV, & XV - South Carolina Paper Manufacturing Company incorporated.

XVI - Baptist Bible Society, South in Charleston incorporated.

XVII. That the several charters hereby granted, and those which have been renewed and revived, shall continue for the term of fourteen years from the passing of this Act.

In the Senate House, the nineteenth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, and in the seventy-fourth year of the Sovereignty and Independence of the United States of America.

ANGUS PATTERSON, President of the Senate.
JOHN IZARD MIDDLETON, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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