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An Act to Incorporate the Georgetown Library Society

December 20, 1800

The Statutes at Large of South Carolina - Volume VIII, Pages 210-211

WHEREAS, several inhabitants of Georgetown and its vicinity, have, by their petition, set forth, that they have, some time since, entered into an association for the purpose of forming a Library Society, which they conceive will be ultimately of great benefit to themselves and the community at large, and have prayed that a law may be passed for incorporating them as a society, by the name of "The Georgetown Library Society."

I. Be it therefore enacted, by the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives, now met and sitting in General Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That the society above mentioned, and the persons who now are, or hereafter shall be, members thereof, and the successors, officers and members of it, shall be, and they are hereby declared to be, one corporate body, in deed and in law, by the name of "The Georgetown Library Society;" and, by the said name, shall have perpetual succession of officers and members; and a common seal, with power to change, alter and make new the same, as often as the said corporation shall judge expedient; and the said corporation and its successors shall be able and capable in law, to hold and possess any real and personal estate, not exceeding the yearly value of four thousand dollars, and to sell, alien, or lease the same, or any part thereof, as it shall think proper; and by its said name, to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, in any court of law or equity in this State; and to make such rules and by-laws, (not contrary or repugnant to the laws of the land,) for the benefit and advantage of the said corporation, and for the order and good government of the same, as shall, from time to time, be agreed upon by a majority of the members, or of such a number as the rules of the said society shall constitute a quorum.

II. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful for the said corporation hereby erected, to take and to hold, to itself and its successors for ever, any charitable donations or devivises of land and personal estate, and to appropriate the same for the benefit of the said corporation, in such way as by their rules shall be agreed upon; provided, the said donations and devises, together with their other funds, do not exceed the yearly value of four thousand dollars aforesaid.

III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That this Act shall be deemed a public Act, and notice shall be taken thereof in all courts of justice and elsewhere in this State, and it shall be given in evidence on the trial of any issue or cause, without special pleading.

In the Senate House, the twentieth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred, and the twenty-fifth year of the American Independence.

JOHN WARD, President of the Senate.
THEO. GAILLARD, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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