South Carolina - From Statehood to 1800

Members of the 11th General Assembly - 1794 to 1795
This General Assembly convened in two regular sessions, held from November 24th to December 20th in 1794, and held from November 9th to December 19th in 1795.

House of Representatives

Election District


Abbeville County

Joseph Calhoun

Samuel Linton

Ephraim Ramsay

All Saints Parish

Joseph Blyth

Chester County

John McCreary

John Pratt

Chesterfield County

James Blakeney

William Falconer

Christ Church Parish

Jacob Bond I'On

Charles Pinckney

Arnoldus Vanderhorst (1) / James Hibben (2)

Claremont District

John Malone

Thomas Sumter, Jr.

Clarendon District

Thomas McFadden

James Burchill Richardson

Darlington County

Richard Brockington

Ezekiel DuBose

Edgefield County

John Boyd (3) / William Anderson (4)

William Butler

John Martin

Fairfield County

James Kincaid

John Turner

Greenville Coounty

Elias Earle

James Harrison

Kershaw County

George Ross

Willis Whitaker

Kingston County

Robert Conway

Samuel Foxworth

Lancaster County

Middleton McDonald

John Montgomery

Laurens County

John Davis

William Hunter

James Saxon


John McRee

Archibald Odom

Marlboro County

John Jones James

Drury Robertson

Newberry County

Jacob Roberts Brown (5)

Levi Casey (5)

Benjamin Herndon (5)

Orange Parish

Jacob Rumph

Francis Wilson

Pendleton County

Robert Anderson

William Martin

Joshua Saxon

Prince George's, Winyah Parish
(aka Winyah County)

Peter Horry* / Thomas Waring (6)

Thomas Mitchell

Anthony White (7) / Samuel Wragg (8)

Prince William's Parish

Alexander Garden

James Elliott McPherson

Robert Reid

Richland County

James Goodwin

John Taylor

St. Andrew's Parish

Lambert Lance* / Joseph Dill, Jr. (9)

Edward Rutledge, Jr.

James Simons (10) / James Haskins (11)

St. Bartholomew's Parish

Arthur Hughes

O'Brien Smith

Paul Walter

St. George's, Dorchester Parish

Elisha Hall

Thomas Waring

William Wragg

St. Helena's Parish

Robert Barnwell**

Stephen Elliott

Thomas Talbird

St. James, Goose Creek Parish

Henry Deas (12) / David Deas (13)

Thomas Rhett Smith

Robert Thornley

St. James, Santee Parish

Elias Horry

William Cartwright Shackelford

Samuel Warren

St. John's, Berkeley Parish

John Ball

William Harleston

Charles Rodgers

St. John's, Colleton Parish

James Legare

Benjamin Reynolds

John Ward

St. Luke's Parish

John Grimball

Jacob Guerard

John Leacraft* / William Hort (14)

St. Matthew's Parish

William Ransom Davis (15) / Andrew Heatley (16)

Adam McDonald

St. Paul's Parish

Joseph Edings

John Mitchell

William Boone Mitchell

St. Peter's Parish

Samuel Maner

John Paisley

John Rutledge, Jr.

St. Philip's & St. Michael's Parish

John Blake

Henry William DeSaussure

Thomas Corbett

John Drayton

Timothy Ford

John Bee Holmes

William Johnson, Jr.

Thomas Lehre

Thomas Lowndes

William Marshall

Jacob Read** (17) / Henry William DeSaussure* / Dominick Augustin Hall (18)

Nathaniel Russell

Edward Rutledge

Samuel Stent

Anthony Toomer

St. Stephen's Parish

John Gaillard

Robert Marion

Peter Porcher, Jr.

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish

Archibald Brown

Isaac Parker

Roger Pinckney

Saxe Gotha District

John James Haig

Robert Stark

John Threewits

Spartanburg County

Robert Goodloe Harper (19) / Henry Wells (20)

Thomas Moore

Union County

John Blassingame

William Kennedy

Williamsburg County

James Burgess

Thomas Potts

Winton County

Tarleton Brown

James Jackson (21) / Richard Creech (22)

Charles Jones


Malcolm Henry

Andrew Love

Samuel Lowrie


Election District


Abbeville County

Patrick Calhoun

All Saints Parish

Paul Michau

Christ Church Parish

William Scott, Jr.

Clarendon & Claremont District

Isham Moore

Edgefield County

Arthur Simkins

Fairfield, Chester, & Richland Counties

Joseph Brown

Greenville County

John Ford (23) / Lemuel James Alston (24)

Lancaster & Kershaw Counties

John Chestnut

Laurens County

Thomas Wadsworth

Liberty & Kingston Counties

John Dozier

Marlboro, Chesterfield, & Darlington Counties

Thomas Powe
Tristram Thomas

Newberry County

John Hampton

Pendleton County

John Wilson

Prince George's, Winyah Parish & Williamsburg County

John Dickey (25)

Prince William's Parish

John McPherson

St. Andrew's Parish

Charles Drayton

St. Bartholomew's Parish

Paul Hamilton

St. George's, Dorchester Parish

Mathias Hutchinson

St. Helena's Parish

John Barnwell

St. James, Goose Creek Parish

Peter Smith

St. James, Santee Parish

John Bowman

St. John's, Berkeley Parish

Henry Laurens, Jr.

St. John's, Colleton Parish

Charles Freer

St. Luke's Parish

Micah Jenkins

St. Matthew's Parish & Orange Parish

William Thomson

St. Paul's Parish

William Washington

St. Peter's Parish

John Bull

St. Philip's & St. Michael's Parish

David Ramsay***
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (26)

St. Stephen's Parish

John Peyre

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish

Isaac Child Harleston

Saxe Gotha District

Joseph Culpeper

Spartanburg County

William Smith

Union County

Thomas Brandon

Winton County

Walter Robinson

York County

William Bratton (27) / William Hill (28)
* Declined to serve.
** Jacob Read was first elected Speaker of the House, but also elected as a U.S. Senator on 12/17/1794. Robert Barnwell was then elected as Speaker of the House on 12/20/1794. John Sandford Dart was elected Clerk.
*** Elected President of the Senate. Felix Warley was elected Clerk.
(1) Elected the eighth unique Governor of South Carolina, had to give up his House seat.
(2) Elected to replace Arnoldus Vanderhorst, qualified on 11/16/1795.
(3) Elected, but declared ineligible since he was an ordained minister, promulgating a special election.
(4) Elected to replace John Boyd, qualified on 12/15/1794.
(5) The election of 1793 was protested by Philemon Waters on five grounds. First, he charged that election managers were not sworn in until after the elections. Second, he charged that the poss was not opened until noon because one election manager was sick. Third, he charged that the managers opened the ballot box around 1:00 pm of the first da and threw out all votes previously given and restarted the election because many voters only gave the surnames of the candidates - and, there were two men named Waters on the ballot. It is not clear if everyone who had voted the first time cast a second ballot. Fourth, he charged that 4-5 ballots were found in the US House ballot box that should have been placed in the SC House ballot box. Finally, he charged that there were 4-5 more votes cast than there were actual voters in the precinct. The House Committee on Priveleges and Elections agreed that the election should be voided and a new election called. In this new election all three of the above-mentioned members were re-elected to the House of Representatives from Newberry County.
(6) Elected to replace Peter Horry, qualified on 11/16/1795.
(7) Elected as Sheriff of Georgetown District on 12/19/1794, and had to give up his House seat.
(8) Elected to replace Anthony White, qualified on 11/16/1795.
(9) Elected to replace Lambert Lance, qualified on 11/16/1795.
(10) Disqualified since he was already the Brigade Inspector of Militia, promulgating a special election.
(11) Elected to replace James Simons, qualified on 11/16/1795.
(12) Appointed Soliciter of the Southern Circuit of South Carolina and commissioned to that office on 8/14/1795.
(13) Elected to replace Henry Deas, qualified on 11/16/1795.
(14) Elected to replace John Leacraft, qualified on 11/30/1795.
(15) Elected as Sheriff of the Camden District on 12/20/1794, and had to give up his House seat.
(16) Elected to replace William Ransom Davis, qualified on 12/16/1795.
(17) Elected to the U.S. Senate on 12/17/1794, gave up his SC Senate seat.
(18) Elected to replace Henry William DeSaussure, who declined to serve after being elected to replace Jacob Read. Hall qualified on 11/16/1795.
(19) Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives on 10/6/1794 to replace Alexander Gillon, who had died in office.
(20) Elected to replace Robert Goodloe Harper, qualified on 11/16/1795.
(21) Resigned after the first session in 1794.
(22) Elected to replace James Jackson, qualified on 11/16/1795.
(23) Died in 4Q of 1795.
(24) Elected to replace John Ford, qualified on 12/19/1795.
(25) Elected as Sheriff of the Georgetown District on 12/17/1795, resigned from the Senate. Seat vacant.
(26) Appointed U.S. Minister to France on 7/8/1796, resigned from the Senate.
(27) Elected as Sheriff of the Pinckney District on 12/19/1784, resigned from the Senate.
(28) Elected to replace William Bratton, qualified on 11/18/1795.
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