South Carolina - From Statehood to 1800

Members of the 10th General Assembly - 1792 to 1794
This General Assembly convened in two regular sessions, held from November 26th to December 21st in 1792, and held from November 25th to December 21st in 1793. A Special Session was convened from April 28th to May 12th in 1794.

House of Representatives

Election District


Abbeville County

Fleming Bates

Joseph Calhoun

Ephraim Ramsay

All Saints Parish

Paul Michau

Chester County

Joseph Brown

James Knox

Chesterfield County

William Falconer

William Pegues

Christ Church Parish

Joseph Manigault

Charles Pinckney

Daniel Ward

Claremont District

Roger Gordon (1) / Laurence Manning (2)

Hubert Rees

Clarendon District

Thomas McFadden

James Burchill Richardson

Darlington County

Alexander McIntosh (3)

John Smith

Edgefield County

William Anderson

Thomas Bacon

William Butler

Fairfield County

Aromanus Lyles

John Turner

Greenville Coounty

Robert Maxwell

George Salmon

Kershaw County

John Kershaw

George Ross

Kingston County

Robert Conway

Samuel Foxworth

Lancaster County

Benjamin Haile

Middleton McDonald

Laurens County

Patrick Cunningham

John Hunter (4) / James Saxon (5)

Daniel Wright


John Baxter

Gavin Witherspoon (6) / Benjamin Harrelson (6) / Gavin Witherspoon (7)

Marlboro County

Benjamin Hicks

John Jones James

Newberry County

Jacob Roberts Brown

Levi Casey

Philemon Waters

Orange Parish

Henry Felder

Jacob Rumph

Pendleton County

Robert Anderson

John Ewing Calhoun

Ezekiel Pickens

Prince George's, Winyah Parish
(aka Winyah County)

William James

Cleland Kinloch

Peter Horry

Prince William's Parish

Pierce Butler (8) / Alexander Garden (9)

James Elliott McPherson

John Mitchell

Richland County

James Green Hunt (10)

William Meyer

St. Andrew's Parish

Lambert Lance

William Miles

Edward Rutledge, Jr.

St. Bartholomew's Parish

Arthur Hughes

O'Brien Smith

Peter Youngblood (11)

St. George's, Dorchester Parish

John Millhouse (12)

Thomas Waring

William Wragg

St. Helena's Parish

John Chaplin, Jr.

John Jenkins

Thomas Talbird

St. James, Goose Creek Parish

Gabriel Manigault (13) / Benjamin Gray (14)

Thomas Rhett Smith

Robert Thornley

St. James, Santee Parish

John Bowman (15) / Samuel Wigfall (16)

James Burn

Samuel Warren

St. John's, Berkeley Parish

William Harleston

Henry Laurens, Jr.

William Moultrie, Jr. (17) / Edward Harleston (17) / Robert McKelvey (18)

St. John's, Colleton Parish

James Legare

Daniel Townsend

John Ward, Jr.

St. Luke's Parish

John Grimball

Zachariah Horskins

Joseph Jenkins

St. Matthew's Parish

Charles Burnham Cochran

William Sabb

St. Paul's Parish

John Henry Ferguson

William Boone Mitchell

O'Neal Gough Stevens

St. Peter's Parish

Burnaby Bull Bellinger (19) / John Rutlege, Jr. (19)

John Fenwick (20)

John Paisley

St. Philip's & St. Michael's Parish

John Blake

Henry William DeSaussure

John Drayton

Timothy Ford

John Bee Holmes

Thomas Lowndes

William Marshall

Lewis Morris

Edward North

John Julius Pringle (21) / John Edwards (22)

Jacob Read*

Edward Rutledge

Samuel Stent

Thomas Somersall

Anthony Toomer

St. Stephen's Parish

Thomas Cordes, Jr.

Robert Marion

Peter Porcher, Jr.

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish

Evan Edwards

Lewis Fogartie

Thomas Wigfall

Saxe Gotha District

John Thomas Fitzpatrick

William Fitzpatrick

Alexander Gillon (23) / John Taylor (24)

Spartanburg County

Obadiah Timmier

Henry Wells

Union County

William Farr (25) / John Blassingame (26)

William Kennedy

Williamsburg County

John James, Jr.

Robert Witherspoon

Winton County

Tarleton Brown

William Dunbar

Elijah Gillett


Andrew Love

James Martin

Alexander Moore


Election District


Abbeville County

Patrick Calhoun

All Saints Parish

William Alston

Christ Church Parish

William Scott, Jr.

Clarendon & Claremont District

James McCauley (27)

Edgefield County

Arthur Simkins

Fairfield, Chester, & Richland Counties

Thomas Taylor

Greenville County

John Ford

Lancaster & Kershaw Counties

John Chestnut

Laurens County

Thomas Wadsworth

Liberty & Kingston Counties

William Wilson (28) / Hugh Giles (29)

Marlboro, Chesterfield, & Darlington Counties

Morgan Brown
Robert Ellison (30) / Thomas Powe (31)

Newberry County

John Hampton

Pendleton County

Andrew Pickens (32) / John Wilson (33)

Prince George's, Winyah Parish & Williamsburg County

John Dickey

Prince William's Parish

John McPherson

St. Andrew's Parish

Charles Drayton

St. Bartholomew's Parish

Robert Pringle

St. George's, Dorchester Parish

Mathias Hutchinson

St. Helena's Parish

John Barnwell

St. James, Goose Creek Parish

Peter Smith

St. James, Santee Parish

John Bowman

St. John's, Berkeley Parish

Francis Marion

St. John's, Colleton Parish

Richard Muncrief

St. Luke's Parish

Micah Jenkins

St. Matthew's Parish & Orange Parish

William Thomson

St. Paul's Parish

William Washington

St. Peter's Parish

John Bull

St. Philip's & St. Michael's Parish

David Ramsay**
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

St. Stephen's Parish

John Peyre

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish

Isaac Child Harleston

Saxe Gotha District

Joseph Culpeper

Spartanburg County

William Smith

Union County

Thomas Brandon

Winton County

Daniel Green (34) / Walter Robinson (35)

York County

William Bratton
* Elected Speaker of the House. John Sandford Dart was elected Clerk.
** Elected President of the Senate. Felix Warley was elected Clerk.
(1) Elected in the general election, but died before taking office.
(2) Elected to replace Roger Gordon, but election declared void. Re-elected, qualified on 11/30/1783.
(3) Elected as Commissioner of Locations for the Cheraws District on 5/12/1794.
(4) Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, began service on 3/4/1793.
(5) Elected to replace John Hunter, qualified on 12/20/1793.
(6) Witherspoon and Harrelson received equal votes, promulgating a new election.
(7) Elected in a special election, qualified on 12/2/1793.
(8) Elected in the general election, but did not qualify or take his seat. He was elected to the U.S. Senate on 12/5/1792, so apparently just skipped the SC Senate stuff entirely.
(9) Elected to replace Pierce Butler, qualified on 5/5/1794.
(10) Elected as a Judge in the SC Court of Equity on 5/12/1794. He died on August 10, 1794.
(11) Died c. September of 1794.
(12) Elected in the general election, but no evidence that he qualified or even served.
(13) Resigned after the 1793 session.
(14) Elected to replace Gabriel Manigault, qualified on 4/29/1794.
(15) Also elected to the Senate, which he accepted in lieu of the House.
(16) Elected to replace John Bowman, qualified on 12/2/1793.
(17) Moultrie and Harleston received equal votes, promulgating a special election.
(18) Elected in a special election instead of William Moultrie, Jr. and Edward Harleston.
(19) In the general election of 1792, Bellinger and Rutledge were in a contested election, that was ultimately decided by the House in favor of John Rutledge, Jr.
(20) Died c. November 1793.
(21) Elected as SC Attorney General on 12/20/1792, had to give up his Senate seat.
(22) Elected to replace John Julius Pringle, qualified on 11/30/1793.
(23) Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, took that seat on 3/4/1793, promulgating a new election.
(24) Elected to replace Alexander Gillon, qualified on 12/12/1793.
(25) Died c. March 1794.
(26) Elected to replace William Farr, qualified on 4/29/1794.
(27) Died in August of 1794.
(28) Died on March 3, 1793.
(29) Elected to replace William Wilson, qualified on 11/30/1793.
(30) Elected as Sheriff of the Cheraws District, had to give up his seat.
(31) Elected to replace Robert Ellison, qualified on 4/30/1794.
(32) Elected to U.S. House of Representatives on 4/18/1793, had to give up his Senate seat.
(33) Elected to replace Andrew Pickens, qualified on 11/30/1793.
(34) Moved out of the State in late 1793 or early 1794, gave up his Senate seat.
(35) Elected to replace Daniel Green, qualified on 5/9/1794.
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