South Carolina Supreme Court Justices

Solomon Lafayette Hoge
Date Born: July 11, 1836

 Date Died: February 23, 1909

Place Born: Pirckrelltown, OH

Place Buried: Grove Cemetery in Kenton, OH


Associate Justice 1868 - 1869

Solomon Lafayette Hoge was born on July 11, 1836 in Pickrelltown, OH, the son of XXX. He received his early childhood education at the public schools in the nearby city of Bellefontaine, OH. He received a classical education at Geneva College in Northwood and he graduated from Cincinnati Law School in 1859. He was admitted to the Ohio state bar the same year and commenced the practice of law in Bellefontaine.

In 1861, at the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War, Solomon Lafayette Hoge enlisted as a 1st Lieutenant in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry under the Union Army. He was promoted to Captain of infantry.

After the war, Solomon Lafayette Hoge settled in Columbia, SC, and despite possessing little legal experience was elected in 1868 as an Associate Justice to the SC Supreme Court. While on the bench, he never wrote a single opinion and "I concur" was the extent of his legal analysis. He was aware of his incapacity as a judge and he only served eighteen months on the bench before moving on to the House of Representatives.

Due to a completely reformed state Constitution in 1868, the SC Supreme Court was now to include a Chief Justice and two Associate Justices. In 1868, Solomon Lafayette Hoge was elected as an Associate Justice in the SC Supreme Court, a position he retained for a little over a year.

In 1869, Solomon Lafayette Hoge was elected to represent South Carolina's 3rd District in the U.S. House of Representatives for one two-year term. He was again elected for a two-year term in 1875.

In the meantime, Solomon Lafayette Hoge was Comptroller General for the state of South Carolina from December 7, 1872 to December 1, 1874.

After his last term in the U.S. House of Representatives ended in 1877, Solomon Lafayette Hoge realized that the anti-Federalist sentiment was rising in South Carolina, so he returned to Ohio and practiced law in Kenton, OH until 1882, when he became President of the First National Bank of Kenton.

Solomon Lafayette Hoge died on February 23, 1909 in Battle Creek, MI, and he was buried in the Grove Cemetery in Kenton, OH.

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