South Carolina Supreme Court Justices

Milledge Lipscomb Bonham
Date Born: October 16, 1854

 Date Died: June 23, 1943

Place Born: Edgefield County, SC

Place Buried: Silver Brook Cemetery, Anderson, SC


Chief Justice 1940 - 1943
Associate Justice 1931 - 1940

Milledge Lipscomb Bonhan was born on October 16, 1854 in Edgefield District, SC, the son of Milledge Luke Bonham (later governor of South Carolina) and Ann Patience (Griffin) Bonham. He attended Sachlaben's Academy (1863–64), Edgefield Academy (1866–72), and the Carolina Military Institute in Charlotte, NC (1875–76). After studying the law under the tutelage of Col. Robert Aldrich, he was admitted to the SC bar in 1877.

On October 24, 1878, Milledge Lipscomb Bonham married Daisy Aldrich, and they had three children. On March 2, 1925, he married a second time, to Dr. Lillian L. Carter.

Milledge Lipscomb Bonham began his career as a newspaper editor. He first helped establish the Ninety Six Guardian and then moved to Newberry, SC where he was the editor of the Newberry News. Afterwards, he relocated to Abbeville, SC, where he started practicing law.

On February 1, 1924, Milledge Lipscomb Bonham was elected as a trial court judge.

On February 17, 1931, Milledge Lipscomb Bonham was elected as an Associate Justice on the SC Supreme Court, replacing Eugene Satterwhite Blease, who had been elected Chief Justice.

On January 10, 1940, Milledge Lipscomb Bonham was elected Chief Justice of the SC Supreme Court, upon the death of Chief Justice John Gates Stabler. He served in this position until his death.

On June 23, 1943, Milledge Lipscomb Bonhan died, and he was buried in the Silver Brook Cemetery in Anderson, SC.

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