South Carolina Supreme Court Justices

Henry McIver
Date Born: September 25, 1826

 Date Died: January 12, 1903

Place Born: Darlington District, SC

Place Buried: Old St. David's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Cheraw, SC


Chief Justice 1891 - 1903
Associate Justice 1877 - 1891

Henry McIver was born on September 25, 1826 in the Darlington District, SC, the son of Alexander Markland McIver and Mary (Hanford) McIver. In 1836, his parents moved to Cheraw, SC.

In 1846, Henry McIver graduated from South Carolina College (now the University of South Carolina). He studied law with his father after college, and he was admitted to practice law in December 1847.

On June 7, 1849, Henry McIver married Caroline Harrington Powe, daughter of Thomas Ellerbe Powe and Charlotte (Harrington) Powe, and they had six known children.

When his father died in July 1850, Governor Whitemarsh Benjamin Seabrook appointed Henry McIver to complete his father's term as the Solicitor (prosecutor) for the eastern circuit of the state. At the end of the term, he did not run for a full term; however, the successor himself died in office, and McIver was again appointed to conclude the unexpired term. At the end of that second term, McIver was elected to a full term. He continued being re-elected to the position until 1868 when he was removed from office as part of Reconstruction.

Henry McIver served in the Confederate Army, where he was severely wounded twice, and returned to his law practice after the Civil War. He was successful in his private law practice in Cheraw, SC for nearly a decade.

On May 19, 1877, Henry McIver was elected as an Associate Justice of the SC Supreme Court to fill the unexpired term of Associate Justice Ammiel Jenkins Willard who had become Chief Justice of the court. The General Assembly elected McIver unanimously to a full term in December of 1879. He served in that position until he was elected and immediately sworn in as Chief Justice on December 1, 1891, replacing Chief Justice William Dunlap Simpson.

Henry McIver died on January 12, 1903. He is buried at Old Saint David's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Cheraw, SC.

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