South Carolina Supreme Court Justices

George Williams Gage
Date Born: February 4, 1856

 Date Died: February 13, 1921

Place Born: Union District, SC

Place Buried: Evergreen Cemetery in Chester, SC


Associate Justice 1914 - 1921

George Williams Gage was born on February 4, 1856 in the Union District, SC, the son of Robert Junius Gage and Martha Walton (Williams) Gage. He was educated at Wofford College, receiving an A.B. in 1875 and at Vanderbilt University, receiving an LL.B. in 1880.

On December 21, 1881, George Williams Gage married Janie Hemphill Gaston, daughter of Joseph Lucius Gaston and Margaret Brice (Hemphill) Gaston of Chester, SC; they had seven children, only four of which survived into adulthood.

George Williams Gage established his own law office in Chester, SC. He was active in civic affairs and sat on the City Council. For a time, he was associated with his uncle, Giles J. Patterson. He then partnered with T.C. Gaston, and later with J.K. Henry.

In 1895, George Williams Gage was one of four men who represented Chester County at the South Carolina Constitutional Convention. He was chiefly responsible for its enactment of the prohibition against Special Legislation.

In 1896, George Williams Gage was elected as one of three men to represent Chester County in the SC House of Representatives of the:
- 62nd General Assembly that met from 1897 to 1898

On February 18, 1898, George Williams Gage was elected as a Circuit Court Judge for the 6th Judicial District, and he resigned from the SC House of Representatives. He was re-elected in 1906, and he held this position until 1914.

On January 15, 1914, George Williams Gage was elected as an Associate Justice on the SC Supreme Court, replacing Associate Justice Charles Albert Woods, who had resigned earlier on June 7, 1913. He remained an Associate Justice on the SC Supreme Court until his death.

On February 13, 1921, George Williams Gage died, and he was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Chester, SC.

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