South Carolina Supreme Court Justices

George Dewey Oxner
Date Born: March 13, 1898

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 Date Died: January of 1962

Place Born: Laurens County, SC

Place Buried: Springwood Cemetery in Greenville, SC


Associate Justice 1944 - 1962

George Dewey Oxner was born on March 13, 1898 in Laurens County, SC, parents names not currently known. He was educated at Newberry College, where he received an A.B. degree in 1916. He then taught school in Raeford, NC for one year. He then attended the University of South Carolina Law School, where he was granted an LL.B. with top honors in 1920.

After passing the SC bar, George Dewey Oxner practiced law in Greenville, SC in partnership with Stephen Nettles.

In 1928, George Dewey Oxner was first elected as one of six men to represent Greenville County in the SC House of Representatives of the:
- 78th General Assembly that met from 1929 to 1930
- 79th General Assembly that met from 1931 to 1932

On October 25, 1930, George Dewey Oxner married Frances Moore Ruckman of Staunton, VA; they had two sons.

On January 13, 1932, George Dewey Oxner was elected as a Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit, and he resigned from the House of Representatives on February 16, 1932. He continued in this position until he was elected to serve on the SC Supreme Court.

On January 19, 1944, George Dewey Oxner was elected as an Associate Justice on the SC Supreme Court, replacing Associate Justice Jesse Francis Carter, who had recently died. He remained on the SC Supreme Court until his death.

In January of 1962, George Dewey Oxner died, and he was buried in the Springwood Cemetery in Greenville, SC.

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