South Carolina Supreme Court Justices

Eugene Satterwhite Blease
Date Born: January 27, 1877

 Date Died: December 27, 1963

Place Born: Newberry County, SC

Place Buried: Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC


Chief Justice 1931 - 1934
Associate Justice 1926 - 1931

Eugene Satterwhite Blease was born on January 27, 1877 in Newberry County, the son of Henry Horatio Blease and Elizabeth F. (Satterwhite) Blease. He graduated from Newberry College in Newberry, SC and then taught school for a short while. In 1899, he was admitted to the South Carolina bar, and then practiced law in Saluda, SC.

His brother, Coleman Livingston Blease was Governor of South Carolina and then a U.S. Senator from South Carolina.

Eugene Satterwhite Blease married Saluda Herbert, daughter of James Wightman Herbert and Sarah Emma (Smith) Herbert, and they had one daughter. He married a second time, to Urbana Mattie Neel.

In 1901, Eugene Satterwhite Blease was elected as one of two men to represent Saluda County in the SC House of Representatives of the:
- 64th General Assembly that met from 1901 to 1902

Eugene Satterwhite Blease moved to Newberry, SC and he served as City Attorney for four years, then as Mayor from 1920 to 1921.

In 1921, Eugene Satterwhite Blease was first elected as one of three men to represent Newberry County in the SC House of Representatives of the:
- 74th General Assembly that met from 1921 to 1922 - elected to replace George S. Mower, who had died
- 75th General Assembly that met from 1923 to 1924

For many years, Eugene Satterwhite Blease was in law practice with Steve C. Griffith, Sr. until Judge Griffith was elected to the circuit court. For several years, Judge Griffith's sons, Steve C., Jr. and Eugene C. Griffith, were associated with him in the practice of law in the firm of Blease and Griffith.

In 1926, Eugene Satterwhite Blease was elected as an Associate Justice of the SC Supreme Court to replace Associate Justice John Hardin Marion who had resigned.

In 1931, Eugene Satterwhite Blease was elected Chief Justice of the SC Supreme Court, replacing Chief Justice Richard Cannon Watts, who had died on October 13, 1930. He delivered a letter of resignation from the bench on March 28, 1934, to be effective October 8, 1934, because of poor health.

In 1942, Eugene Satterwhite Blease ran unsuccessfully for a U.S. Senate seat.

On December 27, 1963, Eugene Satterwhite Blease died, and he was buried in the Rosemont Cemtery in Newberry, SC.

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