South Carolina Supreme Court Justices

Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin
Date Born: December 2, 1792

 Date Died: December 5, 1874

Place Born: Philadelphia, PA

Place Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC


Chief Justice 1865-1868

Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin was born on December 2, 1792 in Philadelphia, PA, the son of Edmond Dunkin and Susan (Bethune) Dunkin. He graduated from Harvard College in 1810. In 1811, he moved to Charleston, SC.

During the War of 1812, Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin was appointed Adjunct of a Militia regiment led by Col. John Alston of Georgetown, SC.

After reading law under Chancellor William Henry Drayton, he opened his own law practice in Beaufort, SC after his admission to the SC bar in 1814.

Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin married Washington Sala Prentiss, and they had two known children. They eventually settled down near Georgetown, SC on his Bienvenue Plantation with 97 slaves on the Pee Dee River, and another plantation called Midway, which included over 135 slaves. They also maintained a home in Charleston at 47 Warren Street, which included four servants.

In 1820, Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin was first elected as one of sixteen men to represent St. Philip's & St. Michael's Parish in the Charleston District in the SC House of Representatives in the:
- 24th General Assembly that met from 1820 to 1821
- 25th General Assembly that met from 1822 to 1823
- 26th General Assembly that met from 1824 to 1825
- 27th General Assembly that met from 1826 to 1828
- 28th General Assembly that met from 1828 to 1829 - elected Speaker of the House
- 29th General Assembly that met from 1830 to 1831
- 30th General Assembly that met from 1832 to 1833
- 31st General Assembly that met from 1834 to 1835

In 1865, Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin was elected Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court, a position he retained until 1868 when the SC Constitution was modified.

Benjamin Faneuil Dunkin died on December 5, 1874 at his home in Charleston, and he was buried in the Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC.

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