Gereenville County, South Carolina

Maps of Greenville County, South Carolina

Robert Mills published the first known set of district (county) maps in an atlas of the state in 1825. Mills served as state architect for South Carolina, designing the State Lunatic Asylum and many local court houses, and later won the contest to design the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. Mills Atlas, made for the South Carolina State Legislature, contains 28 district maps and a state map, made from an earlier state sponsored survey of all the districts from 1817 to 1821, signed by twenty-two (22) different surveyors, and updated in 1825. It was the first official atlas of the state of South Carolina.

After the U.S. Civil War, many counties created their own maps showing railroads and key county roads. The first known "road map" for the entire state was created in the 1910s, and with the establishment of the State Highway Commission in 1917, their first "road map" was published by the State in 1919. By the 1930s, the State Highway commission was maintaining individual county road maps. This Author has only been able to locate a few digital maps online, so far. As more are found for Greenville County, the Author will add them here.


1825 Mills Atlas - Greenville District


1882 Map of Greenville County


2016 Road Map of Greenville County

Current Online Digital Maps

Google Map of Greenville County

Mapquest Map of Greenville County


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