Claremont County, South Carolina


Years in Existence

County Seat


1785 - 1800


N/A - Abolished in 1800

First Settled

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Click Here - To see how Claremont County evolved 1785 to 1800 - includes all the known towns and villages.

A History of Claremont County

In 1785, Claremont County was formed as a part of Camden District; a part of the county was later split off in 1792 to form Salem County. Claremont, Clarendon, and Salem counties were combined into Sumter District in 1800.

In 1790, Clarendon County shared a senator with Claremont County (now included in Sumter County). In 1792, Salem County was created from the eastern part of Clarendon County and Claremont County. In 1800, the three counties of Clarendon, Claremont, and Salem were combined to form Sumter District.

Two years after the counties were created, the county courts were set up. In 1792 some of the area of Clarendon and Claremont was used to form Salem County. The part taken from Claremont known as "Upper Salem" and the part from Clarendon known as "Lower Salem." The court house in the town of Salem was probably a log building as was the court house in Clarendon. The Claremont County court house was located at Statesburg.

Captain John Huggins moved from Christ Church Parish, Charleston, SC to Claremont County, SC. In 1788, he was appointed Sheriff of Claremont County.


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