South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 98th General Assembly - 1969 to 1970

This 98th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 14th to July 17th in 1969. The second session was held from January 13th to May 4th in 1970.

During 1967, the Senate was once again reapportioned, this time into forty-six (46) members from twenty (20) districts. All seats were filled for four-year terms in the general election of November 1968.

The House of Representatives continued with apportioned delegates from each county.

Election District

House of Representatives

Abbeville County

Charles Lewis Powell

Aiken County

Charles Marshall Cain

George Henry Grant

Ernest Elden Jones

Clyde Franklin Storm

Allendale County 

James Bowen Brandt

Anderson County

Luther Lewis Ashley

Patrick Bradley Harris

Dan Thompson Marrett

Fred Thurman Moore

Elbridge Juette Wright

Bamberg County

Robert Watson Kemp

Barnwell County

Solomon Blatt*

Beaufort County

James Wilton Graves (1)

William Brantley Harvey, Jr.

Berkeley County

E. Jarvis Moore

Harold Norman West

Calhoun County 

Othniel Henry Wienges, Jr.

Charleston County

James Mathewes Condon

James Craven (2)

Clyde Moultrie Dangerfield

Theodore Bogert Guerard

Thomas Forbes Hartnett

James Carlisle Joseph, Sr.

Leonard Krawcheck

Frederick Julian LeaMond

Joseph Patrick Riley, Jr.

Abney Alexander Smith

Robert Wilson Turner (3)

Cherokee County

Loyd Hames Lovelace

Newton Charles Taylor

Chester County

William Ross Hare

Luther Clark Wright, Jr. (4) / Richard O'Neale Atkinson, III (5)

Chesterfield County

Hoover Fay Bell

Robert Alexander Raley

Clarendon County

Joseph Warren Coker

Colleton County

Thomas Madison Howell, Jr.

Darlington County

Malcolm Kirkley Johnson

Paul A. Sansbury

Edward Jack Smith

Dillon County 

William Bledsoe Hawkins

William James McLeod

Dorchester County

Amos DeWitt Ewers

Edgefield County

Butler Carson Derrick, Jr.

Fairfield County

Purvis Wesley Collins

Florence County

Charles Edward Godwin

David Walker Harwell

Peter DeWitt Hyman

Thomas Earle Smith, Jr.

Georgetown County

William Walter Doar, Jr.

Julian Alexander Reynolds

Greenville County

Rex Lyle Carter

John Kern Earle

Carolyn Essig Frederick

Fred Archie Fuller, Jr. (6) / Nick Andrew Theodore (7)

John Stobo Garrett, Jr.

Herbert Curry Granger

Thomas Wesley Greene

Beattie Eugene Huff

Lloyd Edward Hunt

Mac Verner Patterson

Charles Victor Pyle, Jr.

Greenwood County

Marion Pinckney Carnell

James Edward Moore

Hampton County

Hugh Tuten Lightsey

Horry County

Sidney Thomas Floyd

Charles Edward Hodges

John Wilson Jenrette, Jr.

Philip Dyches Sasser

Jasper County

Frank Eugene Baldwin, Jr.

Kershaw County

James Clator Arrants

John Argis Hagins, Jr.

Lancaster County

Caldwell Thomas Hinson

Tom Gibson Mangum

Laurens County

William Paul Culbertson

David Surratt Taylor

Lee County

Dan Foster Laney, Jr.

Lexington County

Preston Harvey Callison

William Lee Cooper, Jr.

Jimmy Leawood Martin

Marion County

James Malcolm McLendon

John Henry Waller, Jr.

Marlboro County

Edward Benjamin Cottingham

McCormick County

Lawrence Lamar Hester

Newberry County

Walter Thomas Lake


Carlton Adger Mitchell

Cecil Thomas Sandifer

Orangeburg County

Laurie Edward Bennett

Thomas Braxton Bryant, III

Fred Lawton Irick

Foster Hall Yarborough

Pickens County

Harold Delois Breazeale

Harris Page Smith

Richland County

Clinch Heyward Belser

Edmund Griffin Grant

Charles Lem Harper

Troy L. Hyatt

Robert Edward Kneece

Isadore E. Lourie

George Raymond McElveen

Thomas Travis Medlock

Alex Sanders

Henry Grady Yonce

Saluda County

Rudolph Mitchell

Spartanburg County

Benjamin Oliver Burnett

Toy Louis Cox (8) / George Dean Johnson, Jr. (9)

Harold Clement Davis

Jason Charlie Duncan

Thomas Walter Edwards, Jr.

Hugh Edsel Finch

Samuel Phillips Manning

John Cornelius Williams, Jr.

Sumter County

Robert James Aycock

James Cuttino, Jr.

Carlyle Whittier Goodman

Ramon Schwartz, Jr.

Union County

William Marshall Comer

Furman Lester Fendley

Williamsburg County

Ernest Vernon Carter

James Victor Rowell

York County

Samuel Bruce Fewell, Jr.

Robert Lawrence McFadden

Samuel Brooks Mendenhall

George Beverly Petty, Jr.
* Solomon Blatt was elected as Speaker of the House. Inez Watson was elected as Clerk.

Election District

Senator (County From)

District No. 1
Abbeville County
Anderson County
Oconee County

Thomas Edmund Garrison, Jr. (Anderson)
Milford Edgar McDonald (Anderson)
Snead Schumacher (Oconee)

District No. 2
Pickens County

Earle Elias Morris, Jr. (Pickens)

District No. 3
Greenville County

Harry Aubrey Chapman, Jr. (Greenville)
Charles Gideon Garrett (Greenville)
Richard Wilson Riley (Greenville)
Thomas Albert Wofford (Greenville)

District No. 4
Spartanburg County

Paul Miller Moore (Spartanburg)
Horace Carroll Smith (Spartanburg)
James Barnett Stephen (Spartanburg)

District No. 5
Laurens County
Newberry County
Union County

John D. Long, III (Union)
Robert Campbell Lake, Jr. (Newberry)

District No. 6
Greenwood County
McCormick County

John Willie Drummond (Greenwood)

District No. 7
Aiken County
Edgefield County
Lexington County
Saluda County

Michael Lukens Laughlin (Aiken)
Gilbert Edward McMillen (Aiken)
Floyd Davidson Spence (10) (Lexington)

District No. 8
Cherokee County
York County

J.C. Bonner (Cherokee)
William Lewis Wallace (York)

District No. 9
Chester County
Fairfield County

John Alfred Martin (Fairfield)

District No. 10
Richland County

Walter James Bristow, Jr. (Richland)
William John Brockington (Richland)
Francis Capers Owens (Richland)
Hyman Rubin (Richland)

District No. 11
Calhon County
Orangeburg County

Lawrence Marion Gressette (Calhoun)
Marshall Burns Williams (Orangeburg)

District No. 12
Allendale County
Bamberg County
Barnwell County

Edgar Allan Brown** (Bamberg)

District No. 13
Beauford County
Colleton County
Hampton County
Jasper County

James Pershing Harrelson (Colleton)
James Madison Waddell, Jr. (Beaufort)

District No. 14
Charleston County
Berkeley County

Allen Ruffin Carter (Charleston)
Rembert Coney Dennis (Berkeley)
Gordon Henderson Garrett (Charleston)
Joseph Kenneth Rentiers (Charleston)
Robert Bowman Scarborough (Charleston)

District No. 15
Georgetown County
Horry County

Cecil Claymon Grimes, Jr. (Georgetown)
James Price Stevens (Horry)

District No. 16
Florence County
Marion County
Williamsburg County

LaNue Floyd (Williamsburg)
John Ralph Gasque (Marion)
Eugene Noel Zeigler (Florence)

District No. 17
Clarendon County
Sumter County

James McCullum Morris (Clarendon)
Henry Burchill Richardson (Sumter)

District No. 18
Kershaw County
Lancaster County

Donald Harry Holland (Kershaw)
Frank Laney Roddey (Lancaster)

District No. 19
Darlington County

James Pierce Mozingo, III (Darlington)

District No. 20
Chesterfield County
Marlboro County

Charles Anthony Harris (Chesterfield)
John Charles Lindsay (Marlboro)
** Edgar Allen Brown was elected President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Lovick Oliphant Thomas was elected as Clerk.
(1) Resigned on May 4, 1970 after being elected as a Member of the SC Highway Commission for the 14th Judical Circuit.
(2) Resigned on April 15, 1970 after being elected as an Associate Judge of the Family Court of Charleston County.
(3) Resigned on May 19, 1970 after his appointment as Chairman of the SC Pollution Control Authority.
(4) Luther Clark Wright, Jr. died on August 31, 1969 of a heart attack.
(5) Elected to replace Luther Clark Wright, Jr., qualified on 1/13/1970.
(6) Elected as a Member of the SC Public Service Commission on June 11, 1969, and resigned from the House on July 3, 1969.
(7) Elected to replace Fred Archie Fuller, Jr., qualified on 1/13/1970.
(8) Resigned on July 31, 1969 after his appointement as Public Defender for Spartanburg County.
(9) Elected to replace Toy Louis Cox, qualified on 1/13/1970.
(10) Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives on November 3, 1970 and resigned from the SC Senate on December 15, 1970.
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