South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 88th General Assembly - 1949 to 1950
This 88th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 11th to June 9th in 1949. The second session was held from January 10th to June 8th in 1950.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Moore Mars

Robert Stone Galloway, Sr.

Willie Dee Nixon

Aiken County

Dorcey Kedridge Lybrand

Edward Charles Cushman, Jr.

Lonnie Leroy Keenan (1) / Eldridge Jerome Craig (2)

John Amasa May

Allendale County 

James Martin Thomas

Audrey Patterson Williams

Anderson County

James Burriss Pruitt (3)

Edgar Harrison Agnew

William Newton Clinkscales

Troy Carlton Davis (4) / John Charles Nagle (5)

Jesse Reese Fant, Jr.

Charles Welborn

Floyd Eugene Wright

Bamberg County

James Carlisle Kearse

Ralph Leroy Hutto

Barnwell County

Edgar Allen Brown**

Solomon Blatt

Beaufort County

William Brantley Harvey

Benjamin Sweat Carter

Grafton Geddes Dowling, Jr.

Berkeley County

Rembert Coney Dennis

Laurence Andrew Gause

Henderson Guerry, Sr.

Calhoun County 

Lawrence Marion Gressette

David Derrick Buyck

Charleston County

Oliver Thornwell Wallace

Nathaniel Wilson Cabell

John Hugh Graham

Ernest Fredrick Hollings

Lionel Kennedy Legge

Lloyd Watson MacBay

Robert Barnwell Stall, Jr.

Earl O. Utsey, Jr.

Joseph Franklin Wise, Jr.

Cherokee County

George Washington McKown

Jefferson Davis Parris

John Howard White

Chester County

Wilbur Gill Grant

Thomas Booker Hamilton

Samuel Edward McFadden

Chesterfield County

William Leland Rivers

Paul McManus Arant

James Alexander Spruill, Jr.

Clarendon County

James Hugh McFaddin

Miller Hurbert Mellette

Charles Nelson Plowden

Colleton County

Richard Manning Jefferies

Jesse Daniel Padgett

Ivey Andrew Smoak

Darlington County

James Pierce Mozingo, III

William James Carter

Edward Colgate Dennis, Jr.

Philip Wilmeth

Dillon County 

David Smith Allen

Robert Earle Atkinson

Philip Bosche Brown

Dorchester County

James Dantzler Parler

Hubert Wiley Smoak

Edgefield County

Henry Hughes Hill

Horace Witt Sawyer

Fairfield County

James Morris Lyles

George Franklin Coleman

Henry Norwood Obear

Florence County

Peter Hector McEachin

Steve Henry Anderson

Joseph Best Clements, Jr.

Julian Deland Dusenbury

George Mood Kelley

Richard Allston Palmer

Georgetown County

James Brown Morrison

James Brown Moore

Donald Valentine Richardson

Greenville County

Ray Robinson Williams

Marion Brawley, Jr.

William Eugene Chandler, Jr.

John Bolt Culbertson

Frank Eppes

Charles Gideon Garrett

Thomas Manly Hudson

James Robert Mann

James A.K. Roper

Charlie Van Verner

Greenwood County

George Preston Callison

Samuel Horace Benjamin

William Townes Jones, Jr.

William Hughes Nicholson, Jr.

Hampton County

George Warren

John Morrison Tuten

Horry County

Ernest Edward Richardson

Clifford Hugh Hardwick (6) / Lonnie Dornie Causey (7)

Robert Clifton Page

Bayliss Larkin Spivey

Jasper County

Henry Chester Walker, Jr.

Delmar Newlin Rivers

Kershaw County

Robert MacMillan Kennedy, Jr.

William Rees Gettys

Ezell Kelly

Lancaster County

Willie Bruce Wiliams

John Reynolds Taylor

James Erskine Thompson

Laurens County

Ralph Traywick Wilson

Charles Boyd Culbertson

Charles Llewellyn Milam

Robert Claude Wasson

Lee County

William Peebles Baskin

Hugh Richardson Colclough

Charles Marion Mimms (8) / Henry Caldwell Jennings (9)

Lexington County

Ryan Milo Smith

Holmes Conrad Dreher

Asbury Francis Lever, Jr.

Marion County

John Ralph Gasque

James Curtis Hooks

Satterwhite Junius Wall

Marlboro County

Paul Allen Wallace

Josiah James Evans

William Crosland Goldberg

McCormick County

Lawrence Lamar Hester

Hugh Cook Brown

Newberry County

Marvin Eugene Abrams

Walter Thomas Lake

Thomas Harrington Pope*


James Lewis Rowland

Robert Crisp Schumacher

William Thomas Stevenson

Orangeburg County

Thomas Braxton Bryant, Jr.

James Moncrief Brailsford, Jr. (10) / George Whetsell Weathers (11)

Charlton Bowen Horger

Carlisle Walker Limehouse

Marshall Burns Williams

Pickens County

Thomas Bailey Nalley

Dwight Andrew Holder

John David Vickery, Jr.

Richland County

Yancey Alford McLeod

S. Rhea Haskell

Augustus Ray Hinnant

Marion Vance Horne

Alva Moore Lumpkin, Jr.

George Raymond McElveen

Claud Napoleon Sapp, Jr. (12) / Joseph Daniel Sapp (13)

John Trimmier Sloan, Jr.

Saluda County

Homer Rauch Long

Thomas Wainwright Blease

Spartanburg County

Charles Carlisle Moore

Francis M. Easterlin

Raymond Converse Eubanks

Cameron Bruce Littlejohn* / Paul Mason Allen (14)

Paul Stanley McChesney, Jr.

Arnold Ross Merchant

Matthew Poliakoff

John Cornelius Williams

Tom Woodruff

Sumter County

Shepard Kollock Nash

Robert James Aycock

Werber Bryan

Henry Laval Jackson

Union County

Bruce Welborn White

John D. Long

Robert Edward Moore

Williamsburg County

Edward Williams Cantwell

Vernal Glenn Arnette

Laurie Samuel Rogerson

John James Snow

York County

William Lewis Wallace

Adam Yeiser Cartwright, Jr.

Billy Drennan Hayes

David Lyle, Jr.

Eugene Clayton Neal
* Cameron Bruce Littlejohn was elected as Speaker of the House. He was then elected as a Judge of the 7th Judicial Circuit of SC on February 9, 1949 and resigned from the House on May 12, 1949. Thomas Harrigton Pope was then elected as Speaker of the House on February 15, 1949. James Edwin Hunter, Jr. was elected as Clerk.
** Edgar Allen Brown was elected President Pro Tempore of the Senate. James Henry Fowles was elected as Clerk. He died on October 11, 1949. Lovick Oliphant Thomas was then elected as Clerk of the Senate on January 10, 1950.
(1) Lonnie Leroy Keenan died on July 10, 1949.
(2) Elected to replace Lonnie Leroy Keenan, qualified on 1/10/1950.
(3) Elected as a Judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit of SC on January 25, 1950, and resigned from the Senate on April 25, 1950.
(4) Resigned on June 30, 1949 to become a Field Supervisor of the SC Insurance Department.
(5) Elected to replace Troy Carlton Davis, qualified on 1/10/1950.
(6) Resigned on May 2, 1949 due to ill health.
(7) Elected to replace Clifford Hugh Hardwick, qualified on 1/10/1950.
(8) Elected as Reading Clerk of the House on January 3, 1950, resigned his seat in the House on February 1, 1950.
(9) Elected to replace Charles Marion Mimms, qualified on 3/7/1950.
(10) Elected as a Judge of the 1st Judicial Circuit of SC on January 26, 1949 and resigned from the House on July 2, 1949.
(11) Elected to replace James Moncrief Brailsford, Jr., qualified on 1/10/1950.
(12) Appointed as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of SC and resigned from the House on July 12, 1949.
(13) Elected to replace Claud Napolean Sapp, Jr., qualified on 1/10/1950.
(14) Elected to replace Cameron Bruce Littlejohn, qualified on 1/10/1950.
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