South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 85th General Assembly - 1943 to 1944

This 85th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 12th to April 17th in 1943. The second session was held from January 11th to March 18th in 1944. A Special Session was convened from April 4th to April 20th in 1944.

Barnwell County, Lexington County, Newberry County, and Orangeburg County each lost one delegate in the House of Representatives. Charleston County, Florence County, Greenville County, and Richland County each gained one delegate in the House of Representives. This was due to the results of the 1940 U.S. Census.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Moore Mars

Melvin Joshua Ashley

William Pinckney Greene, Jr.

Aiken County

Frederick Cannon Brinkley

Eldridge Jerome Craig

Clarence Pope Gantt

Charles Earl Simons, Jr. (1) / Willie Harry McClain (2)

Allendale County 

William Edwin Myrick

Richie Archibald Ellis

Anderson County

James Burriss Pruitt

William Newton Clinkscales

Troy Carlton Davis

Benjamin Wright Fagg

Thomas Brown Fay

James Byrum Lawson

Marshall Pinckney Sherard

Bamberg County

James Carlisle Kearse

Fred Leroy Hiers

Barnwell County

Edgar Allen Brown**

Solomon Blatt*

Beaufort County

William Brantley Harvey

Charles Jones Colcock

Calhoun Thomas

Berkeley County

Rembert Coney Dennis

Mark Elton Mitchum

Marion Fenton Winter

Calhoun County 

Lawrence Marion Gressette

Edward Wimberly

Charleston County

Oliver Thornwell Wallace

Michael O'Connor Gardner

Lionel Kennedy Legge

James Armstrong Lofton

William Kenneth Powers

Nathan Rosen

Harvey Greenlee Senseney

William Withers Walker

Thomas William Young

Cherokee County

Joseph Holmes Hall

James Claude Fort

Lake Wilson Stroup

Chester County

Wilbur Gill Grant

David Aiken Gaston

Ben Nunnery

Chesterfield County

James Ernest Leppard

Campbell Plyler Laney

Lee Alexander Usher

Clarendon County

John Grier Dinkins

Frederick Lesesne

Miller Hurbert Mellette

Colleton County

Richard Manning Jefferies

Edgar Virgil Perry

William Wightman Smoak

Darlington County

James Pierce Mozingo, III

James Woodrow Lewis

Samuel Richard Odom (3) / Franklin Bannon Hines (4)

George Leland Timmons (5)

Dillon County 

James Douglas Manning

Tracy Fore Finklea

Roger William Scott

Dorchester County

James Dantzler Parler

Hubert Wiley Smoak

Edgefield County

Benjamin Edward Nicholson

Horace Witt Sawyer

Fairfield County

James Morris Lyles

Boyd Brown

Hayne Douglas McMeekin

Florence County

George Wilton Keels

Steve Henry Anderson

William Clyde Graham

Samuel Charles Green

Maryland Bullard Huggins

Richard Allston Palmer

Georgetown County

Olin Sawyer

James Brown Morrison

John Henning Porter

Greenville County

Ray Robinson Williams

Thad Adams

James Harvey Cleveland

Ansel Montgomery Hawkins

Samuel Townes Holland

Thomas Manly Hudson

James Robert Martin, Jr.

James Jefferson Reid

Charles Arthur Rice

Charlie Van Verner

Greenwood County

Calhoun Allen Mays

James Perrin Anderson

Samuel Horace Benjamin

Claude Hamilton Gresham

Hampton County

George Warren

John Morrison Tuten

Horry County

Paul Quattlebaum

Walter Porter Gore

Doc David Harrelson

Edgar Valentine Harrelson

Jasper County

Charles Edward Perry

William Ernest Byrd (6) / William John Miller (7)

Kershaw County

William Townley Redfearn

Lewis Craig Clyburn

John Rabon

Lancaster County

John Reece Funderburk

Ferris Lightner Blackmon

Ned Gregory

Laurens County

Otto Langdon Long

Walter L. Martin

Charles Llewellyn Milam

James Henry Sullivan

Lee County

William Peebles Baskin

Charlie Wilson Josey

Charles Marion Mimms

Lexington County

Ryan Milo Smith

Otto Blease Ellison

Marion Bates Holman

Marion County

Earle Rogers Ellerby

Albert Marvin Lewis (8)

Arthur Gibson Sloan

Marlboro County

Charles Sinclair McCall

George William Freeman, Jr.

Ross Moore Lindsay

McCormick County

Lawrence Lamar Hester

Hugh Cook Brown

Newberry County

Marvin Eugene Abrams

John Kess Derrick (9) / Steve Campbell Griffith (10)

Russell Aubrey Harley


James Lewis Rowland

Whit Holleman

John Alexander Knox

Orangeburg County

Henry Radcliffe Sims

Lucius Wesley Busbee

Andrew Jackson Hydrick

Thomas Alexander Salley

Joseph Sebastian Weeks

Pickens County

Fred Fulton Williams

Ben Tillman Day

George Maxcy Perry

Richland County

Joe Earle Berry

Owens Taylor Cobb

George Henry Davis

Samuel Burton Doughton

Walton Harlowe Greever, Jr.

Marion Vance Horne

Charles Laney Talbert

Thomas Pou Taylor

Saluda County

Billy Cohen Coleman (11) /
Homer Rauch Long (12)

James Jacob Wheeler

Spartanburg County

Howard Wofford McCravy

Paul Mason Allen

John Hertz Brown

William Bryant Champion

Thomas Wright Cox

Tracy Jackson Gaines

Thomas Judson Hendrix

Cameron Bruce Littlejohn (13) / Edwin Wallace Johnson (14)

Claude Ambrose Taylor (15)

Sumter County

Alfred Scarborough

Charles Lynum Cuttino

Washington Reynolds Keels

Charles Harry Truluck, Sr.

Union County

Robert Christopher Williams

James Boswell Chick

John D. Long

Williamsburg County

John Frank Eatmon

Charlie Dewey Huggins

Laurie Samuel Rogerson

William Thomas Rowell (16)

York County

Quince Edward Brin

William Rufus Bradford

John Henry Mills

William Lewis Wallace

Wallace Duncan Wolfe, Sr.
* Solomon Blatt was elected as Speaker of the House. James Edwin Hunter, Jr. was elected as Clerk in absentia and was granted indefinite leave of absence while he served in the U.S. Marines. Inez Watson was elected Clerk and served the entire 85th General Assembly.
** Edgar Allen Brown was elected President Pro Tempore of the Senate. James Henry Fowles was elected as Clerk.
(1) Resigned on July 1, 1943 because he was on active duty as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy.
(2) Elected to replace Charles Earl Simons, Jr., qualified on 1/11/1944.
(3) Resigned circa July 1, 1943 to accept a position with the SC Public Service Commission in Darlington County.
(4) Elected to replace Samuel Richard Odom, qualified on 1/11/1944.
(5) Elected to the SC Public Service Commission for the 6th Congressional District on January 19, 1944, and resigned from the House on April 12, 1944.
(6) Resigned on June 5, 1943 for personal reasons.
(7) Elected to replace William Ernest Byrd, qualified on 1/11/1944.
(8) Albert Marvin Lewis died on January 31, 1944 after a long illness.
(9) John Kess Derrick died on September 24, 1943 of a stroke.
(10) Elected to replace John Kess Derrick, qualified on 1/11/1944.
(11) Resigned after the first session to join the U.S. Military.
(12) Elected to replace Billy Cohen Coleman, qualified on 1/11/1944.
(13) Resigned on October 25, 1943 to join the U.S. Military.
(14) Elected to replace Cameron Bruce Littlejohn, qualified on 1/11/1944.
(15) Elected as an Associate Justice of the SC Supreme County on January 13, 1944.
(16) William Thomas Rowell died on April 19, 1944.
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