South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 80th General Assembly - 1933 to 1934

This 80th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 10th to May 17th in 1933. The second session was held from January 9th to April 14th in 1934.

The number of House delegates changed (increased/decreased) in some counties due to the results of the 1930 U.S. Census.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

Fred Davis West

Laurin Montague Drennon

James Pearson Nickles

Aiken County

John Frederick Williams**

Marcellus Foster Bush

John Wesley Duncan

John Edwin Stansfield

Allendale County 

Robinson Plato Searson, Jr.

John Bunyan McMillan

Anderson County

William Plumer Nicholson

Nathan Allen Coward

Warren Martin Crenshaw

Paul Robinson Earle

Roy Henry Martin

Rufus Marion Newton

Joe Duckworth Welborn

Bamberg County

Henry Calhoun Folk

John Wesley Crum, Jr.

Barnwell County

Edgar Allen Brown

Solomon Blatt

Winchester C. Smith, Jr.

Beaufort County

William Brantley Harvey

Clarence Wood Martin (1)

Calhoun Thomas

Berkeley County

Marvin Meynardie Murray

James Irving Cannon

Edward Wilson Stevens

Calhoun County 

Jacob Risher Fairey

Summers Wilson Taylor

Charleston County

John Charles Long

Robert McCormick Figg, Jr.

John Hugh Graham

Gustave Jacob Knobeloch (2) / Daniel Elliott Huger, Jr. (3)

Harvey Greenlee Senseney

Huger Sinkler

Benjamin Scott Waley (4) / Lucius Mendel Rivers (5)

John Wilfred Dedrich Zerbst

Cherokee County

Wylie Cicero Hamrick

William Keuster Gunter

Jefferson Davis Parris

Chester County

John Mahon Wise

Arthur Lee Gaston (6)

Josiah Griffith Jordan

Chesterfield County

George Kershaw Laney

James Ernest Leppard

James Alexander Spruill

Clarendon County

Taylor Hudnall Stukes

Miller Hurbert Mellette

John Elliott Rowe

Colleton County

Richard Manning Jefferies

Edward Ladson Fishburne

Joseph McQuillan Moorer

Darlington County

Samuel Joseph Jefford

James Roland Coggeshall

Franklin Bannon Hines

William Arthur Sumner

Dillon County 

James Willis Hamer

James Breeden Gibson*

Charles Lafayette Wheeler

Dorchester County

James Dantzler Parler

Randolph Broughton Lee

Edgefield County

James Strom Thurmond

Matthew Hansford Mims

Fairfield County

Fay Allen DesPortes (7) /
James Morris Lyles (8)

John Philip Isenhower

Orlando Calhoun Scarborough, Jr. (9) / Francis Marion Roddey (10)

Florence County

Peter Hector McEachin

David Gordon Baker

Samuel Olin Eaddy

William Henry McElveen

Troy Theron Stokes

Georgetown County

Samuel Mortimer Ward

Luther Cecil Davis (11) / Olin Sawyer (12)

John Henning Porter

Greenville County

Clarence Erbin Sloan

Herbert Preston Beam

Horace Monroe Farr

Ben Tillman Leppard

Angus McQueen Martin

John Henry McDaniel

Hubert Earl Nolin

Ernest LeGrand Robertson

Henry Young Thackston

Greenwood County

William Hughes Nicholson

William Lowndes Daniel

Will Nathaniel Henderson (13) / Daniel Andrew Gaines Ouzts (14)

Hampton County

William Henry Lightsey

Charles Lester Thomas

Horry County

Henry Kemper Cooke

William Patrick Lewis

Jeremiah Thurman Mishoe

Thomas Haven Patterson

Jasper County

Henry Klugh Purdy

Stanislaus Stillman Horton

Kershaw County

Grover Cleveland Welsh

James Roddey Belk

Earl Talmage Bowen

Lancaster County

Beckham Hilton Clyburn

Toy Rhea Gregory

Thomas Yancey Williams

Laurens County

Carroll Drayton Nance

George Thaddeus Cook

Rex Lanford

John Donnon Witherspoon

Lee County

Robert Muldrow Cooper (15) /
Robert Ellison Dennis (16)

Thornwell Howard Clyburn

Charlie Wilson Josey

Lexington County

Lucius Erastus Dreher

Carl Lafayette Epting, Jr.

Jack D. Hall

William Theodore Smith

Marion County

Lanneau Durant Lide

Leonidas Murdock Gasque

Deer Maxcy Watson

Marlboro County

Charles Sinclair McCall

William Neville Bennett

Josiah James Evans (17)

McCormick County

Joseph Jennings Dorn

Thomas Alexander Dowtin

Newberry County

Byron Vivian Chapman

Marvin Eugene Abrams

John Jacob Dominick

James Philander Setzler


Harry Robinson Hughes

Joseph Seaborn Glymph

Herbert Asa Wood

Orangeburg County

Henry Radcliffe Sims

Alonzo Wells Connor

Robert Swinton Connor

Evy Lee Davis

Thomas Alexander Salley

Joseph Sebastian Weeks

Pickens County

William David Spearman

James Austin Dillard

Thomas Bailey Nalley

Richland County

James Henry Hammond

Dewitt Palmer Cloaninger

John Edward Edens

Robert Beverly Herbert

Richard Ivanhoe Lane

Thornwell McMaster

Alfred Scarborough (18) / Frank Hampton, Jr. (19)

Saluda County

Joseph Griffith

Daniel Monroe Zimmerman

Spartanburg County

Warren DuPre Burnett

Otis Edwin Bruce

Eddie Eron Crow

Thomas Wright Cox

William Herbert Groce

Thomas Judson Hendrix

John Belton Jackson

Claude Ambrose Taylor

James W. Wolfe (20)

Sumter County

Shepard Kollock Nash

John Bossard Britton

Carle Belden Epps

Wyndham Meredith Manning

Union County

Macbeth Young

James Frederick McLure

John Frost Walker, Jr.

Williamsburg County

Emerson Lancoe Ard

Vernal Glenn Arnette

William Nicoll Clarkson

William Thomas Rowell

York County

Walter Massey Dunlap

William Rufus Bradford (21)

Raymond Braddy Hildebrand

Reuben Evans Wingate

William Buford Worthy
* James Breeden Gibson was elected as Speaker of the House. J. Wilson Gibbes was elected as Clerk.
** John Frederick Williams was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. James Henry Fowles was elected as Clerk.
(1) Resigned on January 23, 1934 after his appointment as Director of the Domestic and Foreign Commerce Bureau of the Department of Commerce in Charleston.
(2) Appointed as Manager of the Charleston Branch Officer of the Home Owner's Loan Corporation on July 8, 1933, and resigned from the House on December 18, 1933.
(3) Elected to replace Gustave Jacob Knobeloch, qualified on 1/9/1934.
(4) Appointed to the staff of U.S. Senator James F. Byrnes as Clerk of the Committee on Audit and Control of Expenditures of the U.S. Senate on December 11, 1933, and resigned from the House on December 18, 1933.
(5) Elected to replace Benjamin Scott Whaley, qualified on 1/9/1934.
(6) Elected as a Judge of the 6th Judicial Circuit of SC on January 17, 1934.
(7) Resigned after the first session to become the Minister to Bolivia.
(8) Elected to replace Fay Allen DesPortes, qualified on 1/9/1934.
(9) Resigned on September 28, 1933 to run for the SC Senate seat vacated by Fay Allen DesPortes. He lost.
(10) Elected to replace Orlando Calhoun Scarborough, Jr., qualified on 1/9/1934.
(11) Appointed Postmaster of Georgetown and resigned from the House on April 25, 1933.
(12) Elected to replace Luther Cecil Davis, qualified on 1/9/1934.
(13) Resigned on October 1, 1933 to accept a position with the Federal Land Bank in Columbia.
(14) Elected to replace Will Nathaniel Henderson, qualified on 1/9/1934.
(15) Resigned on July 10, 1933 to become Collector of Internal Revenue.
(16) Elected to replace Robert Muldrow Cooper, qualified on 1/9/1934.
(17) Elected to the SC Raiload Commission for the 6th Congressional District on February 7, 1934, and resigned from the House on April 14, 1934.
(18) Resigned from the House after being appointed as President of the Bank for Cooperatives by the board of the Farm Credit Administration on October 6, 1933. He started his new job on October 16, 1933.
(19) Elected to replace Alfred Scarborough, qualified on 1/9/1934.
(20) Elected to the SC Railroad Commission for the 4th Congressional District on February 7, 1934, and resigned from the House on March 21, 1934.
(21) Resigned on May 3, 1933 for financial and health reasons, but he continued to serve into 1934.
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