South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 78th General Assembly - 1929 to 1930
This 78th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 8th to March 16th in 1929. The second session was held from January 14th to April 5th in 1930.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

Fred Davis West

Melvin Joshua Ashley

Franklin Addison Carwile

Aiken County

John Frederick Williams**

John Wesley Duncan

Byron Kershaw Keenan

Stanmore Butler Williams

Allendale County 

George Dunbar Kirkland

James Martin Thomas

Anderson County

George Benjamin Greene

Harrison Alexander Foster

Asa Hall, Jr. (1) / William Calhoun Johnston (2)

Woody Richard Harris

Benjamin Joshua Pearman

George McDuffy Reid

William Weston Tripp

Bamberg County

William Lewis Riley

Faber Wessinger Kearse

Barnwell County

Edgar Allen Brown

Joseph Emile Harley

John David Washington Heckle

Beaufort County

William Brantley Harvey

Charles Jones Colcock

Calhoun Thomas

Berkeley County

Edward James Dennis

George Buist Davis

Walter McGregor Dennis

Calhoun County 

Thomas Roots Davis

John Wilbur Mack

Charleston County

William Storen Legare (3) /
George Lamb Buist Rivers (4)

Hammond Crum Bowman

Henry Buist, Jr.

Dowell Edward Patterson

Edward Kriegsmann Pritchard

Samuel Oscar Rittenberg

Harvey Greenlee Senseney

John Rutledge Smith, Jr.

James Swinton Whaley

Cherokee County

Wylie Cicero Hamrick

James Claude Fort

William David Kirby

Chester County

John Mahon Wise

Thomas Hardin Brice

Arthur Grier Westbrook

Chesterfield County

William Joel Perry

Parnell Meehan (5) / Arthur Burch Rivers (6)

James Sidney Smith

Clarendon County

Taylor Hudnall Stukes

Joseph Bates Gerald

Lewis Mayrant Jones

John Peter Richardson

Colleton County

Richard Manning Jefferies

David Lawrence Smith

William Wightman Smoak

Darlington County

Frank Augustus Miller (7) /
Charles Westfield Coker (8)

James Arthur Boykin

James Roland Coggeshall

Don Carl Cook

Dillon County 

Robert Stonewall Rogers

Tracy Elihu Fore (9) / Joseph Power Lane (10)

James Willis Hamer

Dorchester County

Richard Lon Weeks

Marion John Moorer

Edgefield County

Thomas Benjamin Greneker

Jasper James Mayson

George Washington Scott

Fairfield County

Fay Allen DesPortes

Charles Strother Ford

John Philip Isenhower

Florence County

Philip Heller Arrowsmith

William Henry McElveen

Eben Price

William James Revell

John Mac Truluck

Georgetown County

Samuel Mortimer Ward

Julian Lester Johnson

Olin Sawyer

Greenville County

Joseph Raleigh Bryson

James Harvey Cleveland

William Priestley Conyers

James Henry Drummond

William Henry Keith

George Dewey Oxner

William Benjamin Smith

Greenwood County

Samuel Connor Hodges

Robert Edward McCaslan

William Judge Moore (11)

Frederick Eugene Wells

Hampton County

Edward Robert Ginn

William Henry Lightsey

Horry County

Marion Gustavus Andersen

Edgar McGougan Derham

George Lloyd Ford

Jasper County

Mary Gordon Ellis

Charles Edward Perry, Jr.

Kershaw County

Grover Cleveland Welsh

Newton Kelly

Norman Smith Richards

Lancaster County

Charles DePass Jones (12) /
Beckham Hilton Clyburn (13)

Lewis Marcellus Clyburn

Allen McFarland Sapp

Laurens County

Orion Pierce Goodwin

Philemon David Huff

James Barnie Parrott

James Henry Sullivan

Lee County

Joseph Benjamin Lane

Nathaniel Jeremiah Laney

Martin Matthew Player

Lexington County

Charles Edwin Taylor

Lucius Cuthbert Brooker

James Edron Kaiser

William Haston Price

Marion County

Maxcy Clarence Harrelson

Ralph Steadman Sloan

Frank Austin Thompson

Marlboro County

Duncan Donald McColl, Jr.

William Neville Bennett

Olin Marcellus Pegues (14) / Delaware Kemper Stanton (15)

McCormick County

Frank Cook Robinson (16)

Jasper O'Neal McDaniel

Newberry County

Tabor Lyon Hill

William Bowman Boinest

Arthur Kibler

Zacheous Hatton Suber


Broadus Thompson

Asa Preston Grant

Wade Hampton Nicholson

Orangeburg County

Whiteford Claude Martin (17) /
Henry Radcliffe Sims (18)

Edward Hydrick Blackmon

William Martin Fair (19) / Joseph Allen Smith (20)

Edward Brodie Friday

James Fletcher Hutto

Jacob Clifton Redmon

Pickens County

William Elbert Findley

Charles Ladd Cureton

Joseph McElroy Jameson

Richland County

James Henry Hammond

Richard Ernest Broome

Weldon Mood Easterling

Ambrose Avery Gerald

Robert Beverly Herbert

Kenneth Repass Kreps

James Spencer Verner

Saluda County

Hardy Gamewell Crouch

Robert Talbert Blease

James Graves Cooner

Spartanburg County

Jonas Perry Gray

John Henry Brown

Dewey Dewitte Foster

Henry Clyde Godfrey

John Belton Jackson

Olin Dewitt Talmadge Johnston

Samuel Theron Dejarnette Lancaster

Howard McCravy

Sumter County

Shepard Kollock Nash

Frank Kennedy Clarke

John Kennedy McElveen

Robert Muldrow

Union County

James Thomas Jeter

John Knapp Hamblin*

James Boyd Lancaster

Williamsburg County

Emerson Lancoe Ard

William Troy Beasley

James Nelson McKenzie

Philip Henry Stoll

York County

Isaac Johnston Campbell

William Bolivar Byers, Jr.

Thomas Newton Dulin

David Lyle

Ebenezer Gettys Nunn (21)
* John Knapp Hamblin was elected as Speaker of the House. J. Wilson Gibbes was elected as Clerk.
** John Frederick Williams was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. James Henry Fowles was elected as Clerk.
(1) Asa Hall, Jr. died on August 28, 1929 of peumonia.
(2) Elected to replace Asa Hall, Jr., qualified on 1/14/1930.
(3) William Storen Legare died on February 7, 1930 in an automobile accident.
(4) Elected to replace William Storen Legare, qualified on 3/11/1930.
(5) Convicted of bribery by the Court of General Sessions at Chesterfield circa February 10, 1930 and resigned from the House on February 17, 1930.
(6) Elected to replace Parnell Meehan, qualified on 3/4/1930.
(7) Frank Augustus Miller died on December 31, 1929.
(8) Elected to replace Frank Augustus Miller, qualified on 1/16/1930.
(9) Tracy Elihu Fore died on February 2, 1930 from an automobile collision.
(10) Elected to replace Tracy Elihu Fore, qualified on 2/20/1930.
(11) William Judge Moore died on March 14, 1930 of a heart attack.
(12) Charles DePass Jones died on July 24, 1929.
(13) Elected to replace Charles DePass Jones, qualified on 1/14/1930.
(14) Olin Marcellus Pegues died on July 31, 1929.
(15) Elected to replace Olin Marcellus Pegues, qualified on 1/14/1930.
(16) Resigned on April 3, 1930 to become a Member of the SC Tax Commission.
(17) Whiteford Claude Martin died on February 7, 1930 in an automobile accident.
(18) Elected to replace Whiteford Claude Martin, qualified on 2/21/1930.
(19) Appointed as Clerk of Court for Orangeburg County on September 25, 1929 by Governor John G. Richards.
(20) Elected to replace William Martin Fair, qualified on 1/14/1930.
(21) Resigned on March 7, 1930 after being appointed as Probate Judge of York County.
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