South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 77th General Assembly - 1927 to 1928
This 77th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 11th to April 23rd in 1927. The second session was held from January 10th to March 10th in 1928.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Howard Moore (1) /
Fred Davis West (2)

Eugene Franklin Arnold (3) / Melvin Joshua Ashley (4)

Luther Joseph Davis

Aiken County

John Frederick Williams

Milledge Travelle Holley

Boyce Rutland Gantt

John Edwin Stansfield

Allendale County 

George Dunbar Kirkland

James Martin Thomas

Anderson County

George Benjamin Greene

David Andrew Evans (5) / Asa Hall, Jr. (6)

Harrison Alexander Foster

David Jamison Jenkins

Thomas Brown Kay

James Burris Pruitt (7) / John Oliver Havird (8)

William Weston Tripp

Bamberg County

Jesse Francis Carter (9) /
Edward Henry Henderson (10)

William Lewis Riley

Barnwell County

Angus Bethune Patterson

Joseph Emile Harley

John David Washington Heckle

Beaufort County

Patrick Wall

George Wilkes Clary

William Brantley Harvey

Berkeley County

Edward James Dennis

George Buist Davis

Charles Theodore Shuler (11) / Walter McGregor Dennis (12)

Calhoun County 

Samuel Jacob Summers

Lawrence Marion Gressette

Charleston County

William Storen Legare

Hammond Crum Bowman

Richard Morrison Lofton

Dowell Edward Patterson

Samuel Oscar Rittenberg

George Lamb Buist Rivers

Harvey Greenlee Senseney

Charles Witte Waring

James Swinton Whaley

Cherokee County

Richmond Stacy (13) /
Wylie Cicero Hamrick (14)

Roy Calhoun Cobb

Jefferson Davis Parris

Chester County

John Mahon Wise

Charles Boyd Abell

Arthur Grier Westbrook

Chesterfield County

William Joel Perry

Lindsey Goodwyn Odom

Arthur Burch Rivers

Clarendon County

Taylor Hudnall Stukes

Lewis Mayrant Jones

Harrison Howard Medlin

Miller Hurbert Mellette

Colleton County

Richard Manning Jefferies

John William Durham

William Wightman Smoak

Darlington County

Frank Augustus Miller

James Arthur Boykin

James Roland Coggeshall

Don Carl Cook

Dillon County 

Robert Stonewall Rogers

Frank Rovis Ellerbe

Joe Power Lane

Dorchester County

Herbert Hodges Gross

William Herman Pearcy

Edgefield County

Thomas Benjamin Greneker

Jasper James Mayson

Mitchell Preston Wells (15) / George Washington Scott (16)

Fairfield County

James Edwin McDonald, Jr.

Fay Allen DesPortes

John Philip Isenhower

Florence County

Philip Heller Arrowsmith

Thomas Preston Brown

Philip Benjamin Finklea

Samuel Russell Floyd

James Ivy Humphrey (17) / William James Revell (18)

Georgetown County

Samuel Mortimer Ward

Landy Wood Avant

Romulus Zebulon Robinett

Greenville County

James McDowell Richardson

Hoke Barrymore Black

Alexander Nelson Brunson

William Calvin Goodwin

William Henry Keith

James Lyle Love

Lewis Epps Wood

Greenwood County

Daniel Andrew Gaines Ouzts

Samuel Beard King (19) / Thomas Franklin McCord (20)

Robert Edward McCaslan

William Judge Moore

Hampton County

Edward Robert Ginn

William Henry Lightsey

Horry County

Doctor Allen Spivey

Marion Gustavus Andersen

James Gaskins Lewis (21) / John Robert Carter (22)

Jasper County

William Henry Taylor

Henry Klugh Purdy

Kershaw County

Grover Cleveland Welsh

Loring Davis

Newton Kelly

Lancaster County

Charles DePass Jones

Harry Hines

Hollis Henry Horton

Laurens County

Orion Pierce Goodwin

Philemon David Huff

William Dennis Owens

James Henry Sullivan

Lee County

Joseph Benjamin Lane

John Calhoun Gatling

Luther Anderson Moore

Lexington County

Cyrus Luther Shealy

Lucius Erastus Dreher

Mims Palmer Hall

Thaddeus Haskell Shull

Marion County

Maxcy Clarence Harrelson

Benjamin Bethea Sellers

Frank Austin Thompson

Marlboro County

Duncan Donald McColl, Jr.

Daniel Lee McLaurin

Olin Marcellus Pegues

McCormick County

Frank Cook Robinson

William David Morrah

Newberry County

Alan Johnstone**

David Luther Boozer

Andrew Jackson Bowers

Euston Nathilee Kibler


Robert McDuffie McDonald

William Preston Mason

Elijah Timmerman (23) / Wade Hampton Nicholson (24)

Orangeburg County

Whiteford Claude Martin

Edward Hydrick Blackmon

Thomas Frederick Brantley

Frank Elmo Cope

James Fletcher Hutto

Samuel Pinckney Knight

Pickens County

William Elbert Findley

John Posey Smith

William David Spearman

Richland County

James Henry Hammond

Richard Ernest Broome

John Manning Cantey, Jr.

Frank Hampton, Jr.

Kenneth Repass Kreps

Harry McKinley Lightsey

Arthur Kendrick Sanders

Saluda County

Joel Clinton Riley

John Ward Pierce Harmon

Motte Junius Yarbrough

Spartanburg County

Lucian Astor Odom

Lewis Means Cantrell

Dewey Dewitte Foster

Amzi Cason Gaston

John Belton Jackson

Olin Dewitt Talmadge Johnston

Samuel Theron Dejarnette Lancaster

Walter S. Wingo

Sumter County

Shepard Kollock Nash

Eugene Whitefield Dabbs, Jr.

John Brawner Duffie

Robert Muldrow

Union County

James Thomas Jeter

John Knapp Hamblin*

James Boyd Lancaster

Williamsburg County

Emerson Lancoe Ard

John Robert Funderburk

James Nelson McKenzie

William Thomas Rowell

York County

James Emit Beamguard (25)

John Ross Blair

Isaac Johnston Campbell

Lonnie Alexander Harris

Emmet Wiliam Pursley
* John Knapp Hamblin was elected as Speaker of the House. J. Wilson Gibbes was elected as Clerk.
** Alan Johnstone was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. James Henry Fowles was elected as Clerk.
(1) John Howard Moore died on August 26, 1927.
(2) Elected to replace John Howard Moore, qualified on 1/10/1928.
(3) Resigned on October 7, 1927 and moved to LaFeria, TX to manage an orange grove.
(4) Elected to Replace Eugene Franklin Arnold, qualified on 1/10/1928.
(5) David Andrew Evans died on May 4, 1927 of a heart attack.
(6) Elected to replace David Andrew Evans, qualified on 1/10/1928.
(7) Resigned circa August 10, 1927 to become the Secretary to U.S. Congressman Fred H. Dominick (SC).
(8) Elected to replace James Burriss Pruitt, qualified 1/10/1928.
(9) Elected as an Associate Justice of the SC Supreme Court on January 26, 1927, and resigned from the Senate on February 14, 1927.
(10) Elected to replace Jesse Francis Carter, qualified on 2/17/1927.
(11) Charles Theodore Shuler died on May 7, 1927.
(12) Elected to replace Charles Theodore Shuler, qualified on 1/10/1928.
(13) Richmond Stacy died on March 5, 1927.
(14) Elected to replace Richmond Stacy, qualified on 3/23/1927.
(15) Mitchell Preston Wells died on September 20, 1927.
(16) Elected to replace Mitchell Preston Wells, qualified on 1/10/1928.
(17) Appointed 2nd Assistant Attorney General of South Carolina on April 20, 1927 and resigned from the House on May 2, 1927.
(18) Elected to replace James Ivy Humphrey, qualified on 1/11/1928.
(19) Resigned on November 11, 1927 in order to run for the office of SC Insurance Commissioner.
(20) Elected to replace Samuel Beard Knight, qualified on 1/10/1928.
(21) Appointed Superintendent of Education for Horry County by Governor John G. Richards and resigned from the House on February 25, 1927.
(22) Elected to replace James Gaskin Lewis, qualified on 1/10/1928.
(23) Elijah Timmerman died on July 5, 1927.
(24) Elected to replace Elijah Timmerman, qualified on 1/10/1928.
(25) Elected as Railroad Commissioner on January 12, 1928 and resigned from the Senate on February 29, 1928.
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