South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 74th General Assembly - 1921 to 1922

This 74th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 11th to March 5th in 1921. The second session was held from January 10th to March 11th in 1922.

The citizens of Allendale County voted in a new delegate to the House of Representatives in the general election of 1920. Barnwell County lost one delegate in the House as a result.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Howard Moore

Hubert Charles Cox

Thomas Alexander Putnam

Aiken County

John Frederick Williams

Eugene Randolph Buckingham

Frampton Wyman Toole

Richard Johnson Wade, Jr. (1)

Allendale County 

John Henry Johnson

Robert Bailey Cunningham

Anderson County

Thomas Franklin Watkins

Walter David Ballard

Thomas Leftwick Clinkscales, Jr.

Thomas Paul Dickson

Asa Hall, Jr.

Woody Richard Harris

Homer Bruce Hendricks

Bamberg County

James Benjamin Black

James Carle Kearse

William Lewis Riley

Barnwell County

Arthur Merritt Kennedy

Edgar Allen Brown

John William Folk

Beaufort County

Niels Christensen

Joseph Christopher Bellamy

Marion Reed Cooper (2)

Berkeley County

Edward James Dennis, Jr.

Joseph Arnold Harvey

David McKeown Winter

Calhoun County 

John Gates Stabler

Benjamin Frederick Keller

Charleston County

Arthur Rudledge Young

Edward Henry Barnwell

Bernard Peter Carey

James Connie Dillon

Thomas Sanders McMillan

John Robert O'Rourke

Harry Simonhoff

Albert Whitner Todd

Francis Marion Whaley

Cherokee County

Thomas Bothwell Butler

William Franklin Brown (3) / Thomas Kindred Vassy (4)

Hall Martin

Chester County

John Hardin Marion (5) /
David Hamilton (6)

Richard O'Neale Atkinson

John Lyles Glenn, Jr.

Chesterfield County

George Kershaw Laney

Samuel Joseph Sellers

Leslie Caston Wannamaker

Clarendon County

James Warren Wideman

William Doss Allen

Harold Chappell Curtis

William Thomas Pruett Sprott (7) / Julian Haskell Scarborough (8)

Colleton County

James Graham Padgett

James DeTreville

Daniel Byrd Peurifoy

Darlington County

Frank Augustus Miller

Julius Stewart McInnes

Rufus Randolph McLeod

Leon Roland Windham

Dillon County 

Preston Lang Bethea

Earle Rogers Ellerbe (9)

John Warren McKay

Dorchester County

Herbert Hodges Gross

John Clifton Coney (10)

Edgefield County

Mitchell Preston Wells

James Orlando Sheppard

Samuel Tompkins Williams

Fairfield County

Glenn Walker Ragsdale

James Wilson Hanahan

John George Wolling

Florence County

David Gordon Baker

James Edward Anderson

William Henry McElveen

Ashton Hillard Williams

Georgetown County

Herbert Lee Smith

Iredell Hilliard

James Hutto West

Greenville County

Proctor Aldrich Bonham

John Thomas Bramlett

Joseph Raleigh Bryson

Thomas Perrin Cothran* / John G. Greer (11)

Ira Andrew Gresham

Raven Ioor McDavid

James Walter Moon

Greenwood County

Samuel Hodges McGhee

Thomas Jefferson Beachum

William Judge Moore

Samuel Hodges Sherard

Hampton County

William Frederick Lightsey

Charles Baring Farmer Searson

Horry County

Jeremiah Smith

George Lloyd Ford

William Armagy Prince

Jasper County

William Robert Hubbard

Stanislaus Stillman Horton

Kershaw County

Josiah Copeland Massey

George Gilman Alexander, Jr.

Murdoch McNeill Johnson

Lancaster County

Samuel Eldridge Bailes

Ray Vaughn Faile

William Pressley Robinson

Laurens County

Orion Pierce Goodwin

Clarence Martin Babb

Carroll Drayton Nance

Townes Arthur Willis

Lee County

William Peebles Baskin

Robert Muldrow Cooper, Jr.

Burrell Washington Segars

Lexington County

Drayton Margart Crosson

Daniel Ernest Amick

McKendree Barr

Jesse Carroll Lybrand

Marion County

Maxcy Clarence Harrelson

Eddings Thomas Hughes

Albert Marvin Lewis

Marlboro County

Duncan Donald McColl, Jr.

Josiah James Evans

Jennings Kerr Owens

Olin Marcellus Pegues

McCormick County

Frank Cook Robinson

Rosser Gibson Killingsworth

Newberry County

Alan Johnstone**

William Arthur Counts

Euston Nathilee Kibler

George Sewell Mower (12) / Eugene Satterwhite Blease (13)


William Preston Mason

Edward Preston Bruce

William Lester Dalton

Orangeburg County

Lucius Arthur Hutson

George Willis Binnicker

Lucius Wesley Busbee

Lee Bonaparte Connor

Thomas Whetsell Dukes

Onan Augustus Hydrick

Pickens County

Frank Edward Alexander (14) /
Edwin Parker McCravy (15)

Jesse S. Leopard

Jubal Odell Williams

Richland County

Thomas Butler Pearce

William Dickson Barnett

Paul Anderson Cooper

Ambrose Avery Gerald

Claud Napoleon Sapp

Charles Tucker Smith, Jr.

Saluda County

George Walker Wightman

Ernest Wilbur Bodie

William Jacob Merchant

Spartanburg County

William Simpson Rogers, Jr.

John Buford Atkinson*

Miller Clyde Foster

Walter Johnson Gibson

Fred Gentry Harris

Thomas Judson Hendrix

Samuel Theron Dejarnette Lancaster

James Haskell Mabrey

Sumter County

John Hicklin Clifton (16) /
Davis DeLeon Moise (17)

Richard Baker Belser

Clarence Julian Jackson

David DeLeon Moise (17) / John Bossard Britton (18)

Union County

Thomas Cary Duncan

John Knapp Hamblin

Albert Gilbert Kennedy

Williamsburg County

George Marvin Beasley

Wade Overton Camlin

Winfred Olin Godwin

David Eugene McCutchen

York County

John Ratchford Hart

William Rufus Bradford

Erwin Carothers

Robert Madison Mitchell

Emmet William Pursley
* Thomas Perrin Cothran was elected as Speaker of the House. He was then elected as an Associate Justice of the SC Supreme Court on January 26, 1921, and resigned as Speaker of the House on January 27, 1921. John Buford Atkinson was then elected as Speaker of the House on Febuary 1, 1921. J. Wilson Gibbes was elected as Clerk.
** Alan Johnstone was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Marvin McAlister Mann was elected as Clerk.
(1) Elected to the SC Public Utilities and Railroad Commission for the 2nd Congressional District on March 9, 1922, and resigned from the House on the next day.
(2) Marion Reed Cooper died on February 11, 1922.
(3) Resigned on January 10, 1922 for business and financial reasons.
(4) Elected to replace William Franklin Brown, qualified on 1/26/1922.
(5) Elected as an Associate Justice of the SC Supreme Court on January 18, 1922, resigned the next day.
(6) Elected to replace John Hardin Marion, qualified on 2/2/1922.
(7) William Thomas Pruett Sprott died on December 25, 1920 before taking office.
(8) Elected to replace William Thomas Pruett Sprott, qualified on 1/31/1921.
(9) Elected to the SC Public Utilities and Railroad Commission for the 6th Congressional District on March 9, 1922, and resigned from the House on the next day.
(10) Elected to the SC Public Utilities and Railroad Commission for the 1st Congressional District on March 9, 1922, and resigned from the House on the next day.
(11) Elected to replace Thomas Perrin Cothran, qualified on 2/22/1921.
(12) George Sewell Mower died on July 25, 1921 of a stroke.
(13) Elected to replace George Sewell Mower, qualified on 1/10/1922.
(14) Frank Edward Alexander died on August 26, 1921.
(15) Elected to replace Frank Edward Alexander, qualified on 1/10/1922.
(16) John Hicklin Clifton died on November 6, 1921.
(17) Elected to replace John Hicklin Clifton, qualified in the Senate on 1/10/1922.
(18) Elected to replace Davis DeLeon Moise, qualified on 1/11/1922.
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