South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 70th General Assembly - 1913 to 1914

This 70th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 14th to March 7th in 1913. The second session was held from January 13th to March 4th in 1914. A Special Session was convened from October 6th to November 3rd in 1914.

During 1912, the General Assembly created Jasper County. Its citizens elected their first delegates to the SC Senate and SC House of Representatives in the general election of 1913. Beaufort County lost one delegate in the House as a result.

The number of House delegates were increased and/or decreased in several other counties for this general assembly due to reapportionment as a result of the 1910 U.S. Census.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Moore Mars

Melvin Joshua Ashley

John Howard Moore

Frank Cook Robinson

Aiken County

John Frederick Williams

James Chester Busbee

George Tillman Holley

Hugh Long

Anderson County

George Washington Sullivan

Joshua Whitner Ashley

O.D. Gray

J.A. Hall

John Mackey King (1) / Henry Clinton Summers, Jr. (2)

T.F. Nelson

Willis Washington Scott

Bamberg County

James Benjamin Black

Jacob Aquilla Hunter

Berry Washington Miley

Barnwell County

Angus Bethune Patterson

Norman Clyde Creech

Robert M. Mixon

Clayton S. Warner

Beaufort County

Niels Christensen

Abraham Mallard Hiott

Elmer Munson Fripp

Berkeley County

Edward James Dennis

William Kelley Cross

Joseph Arnold Harvey

Calhoun County 

James Arthur Banks

Dan R. Sturkie

Charleston County

Huger Sinkler

Nathaniel Berners Barnwell

Leonard Francis Melfi

Samuel Oscar Rittenberg

John C.D. Schroder (3) / Albert Whitner Todd (4)

Harvey Greenlee Senseney

Albin Clifford Thompson

Arnoldus VanderHorst

Richard Smith Whaley (5) / Moultrie Johnson Clement (6)

Cherokee County

William Stuart Hall

G.B. Daniel

N.W. Hardin

Chester County

Peter Lawrence Hardin**

Richard O'Neale Atkinson

Ashbel Greene Brice

Chesterfield County

George Kershaw Laney

William Preston Odom

William Francis Stevenson

Clarendon County

Louis Appelt

E.M. Kennedy

Harvey W. Mitchum (7) / Joseph H. Burgess (8)

R.D. White

Colleton County

James David Ackerman (9)

J.L. Robertson

Henry K. Strickland

Darlington County

Laurie Marvin Lawson

William Elias James (10) / Jerome Frank Pate (11)

William Thomas Harper

Clarence David Lee

Dillon County 

James Haselden Manning

Preston Lang Bethea

Leroy Mitchell Rogers

Dorchester County

Herbert Hodges Gross

Joseph Murray

Edgefield County

Benjamin Edward Nicholson

Jerome Henry Courtney

James Pickens DeLaughter

Fairfield County

Thomas Hoge Ketchin

Samuel Thomas Clowney

Thomas Lott Johnston

Florence County

Joseph Wynans McCown

R. Keith Charles

Claude Jackson Gasque

William Henry Whitehead, Jr.

Georgetown County

LeGrand Guerry Walker

Otis Minnick Mitchell

Mayham Ward Pyatt

Greenville County

Wilton Haynsworth Earle

John G. Greer

Charles O'Neal Goodwin

Clement Furman Haynsworth

Robert Addison Means

Walter Marvin Scott

Henry Bouldin Tindal

Greenwood County

Daniel Brunson Johnson

John William Bowers

William Townes Jones

William Hughes Nicholson

Hampton County

Edward Robert Ginn

George Warren

Horry County

Henry Lee Buck

Edwin James Sherwood

Monroe Manoah Stanley

Jasper County

James Clarence Richardson

Lucius Arthur Hutson

Kershaw County

William Reddick Hough

Newton Kelly

Mendel Lafayette Smith*

Lancaster County

Thomas Jefferson Strait (12)

Joseph Copeland Massey

Claud Napoleon Sapp

Laurens County

Orion Pierce Goodwin

Homer Samuel Blackwell

George A. Browning, Jr.

William C. Irby, Jr.

Lee County

George Myers Stuckey

James C. Baskin

William Apollos James

Lexington County

William Henry Sharpe

James Brown Addy

Eli Lott Lybrand

Jesse M. Malpass

Marion County

Henry Mullins

Oliver Hoyt McMillan

Samuel O'Quinn (13) / Maxcy Clarence Harrelson (14)

Marlboro County

John Lowndes McLaurin

Josiah James Evans

Donald McQueen

Frank Preston Brooks Pegues

Newberry County

Alan Johnstone

Arthur Kibler

George Sewell Mower

Cyril Thomas Wyche


Edward Ebenezer Verner

Monroe Reid McDonald

Frank Hezekiah Shirley

Orangeburg County

Robert Lide

Thomas M. Dantzler

Edward Brodie Friday

Junius Theodore Liles

Whiteford Claude Martin

Thomas Washington Zeigler

Pickens County

Thomas Joab Mauldin (15)

Edwin Parker McCravey

Frederick Williams (16) / James Lewis Bolt (17)

Richland County

Francis Hopkins Weston (18)

Alva Moore Lumpkin

John T. Miller

George Robert Rembert (19) / Benjamin Palmer McMaster (20)

Robert Holland Welch

Pringle Tillinghast Youmans

Saluda County

Benjamin West Crouch (21)

Edgar Lowndes Ready

Joel Clinton Riley

Spartanburg County

Howard Bobo Carlisle

Jesse Washington Boyd

C.D. Fortner

H.F. Harrelson

John Black Kirby

Martin Arthur Moseley

William Simpson Rogers, Jr.

Charles Cecil Wyche

Sumter County

John Hicklin Clifton, Jr.

Richard Baker Belser

George William Dick

Ralph Dickson Epps

Union County

Macbeth Young

John Frost Walker, Jr.

Barney G. Wilburn

Williamsburg County

Edwin Christopher Epps

Richard H. Kellahan

Robert James Kirk

W.J. Smiley

York County

James Emitt Beamguard

James Rochelle Haile

Adolphus Eugene Hutchinson

William Beauregard Riddle

Olive Lee Saunders
* Mendel Lafayette Smith was elected as Speaker of the House. James Alfred Hoyt was elected as Clerk.
** Peter Lawrence Hardin was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Marvin McAlister Mann was elected as Clerk.
(1) Appointed County Supervisor for Anderson County by Governor Cole L. Blease, and resigned from the House circa June 9, 1913.
(2) Elected to replace John Mackey King, qualified on 1/13/1914.
(3) John C.D. Schroder died on October 14, 1913 of appendicitis.
(4) Elected to replace John C.D. Schroder, qualified on 1/13/1914.
(5) Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to fill the unexpired term of George S. Legare, who had died on January 31, 1913. He took his new seat on May 9, 1913.
(6) Elected to replace Richard Smith Whaley, qualified on 1/13/1914.
(7) Appointed as Dispensary Auditor by Governor Cole L. Blease and resigned from the House circa March 5, 1913.
(8) Elected to replace Harvey W. Mitchum, qualified on 1/13/1914.
(9) Resigned on November 2, 1914 upon his appointment as Sheriff of Colleton County.
(10) William Elias James died on March 15, 1913.
(11) Elected to replace William Elias James, qualified on 1/13/1914.
(12) Resigned on October 20, 1914 upon becoming the Superintendent of the State Hospital.
(13) Resigned circa November 6, 1913, moved to Sumter County to engage in a private business.
(14) Elected to replace Samuel O'Quinn, qualified on 1/13/1914.
(15) Elected as a Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit, and resigned from the Senate on February 27, 1914.
(16) Frederick Williams took his own life on June 20, 1913.
(17) Elected to replace Frederick Williams, qualified on 1/13/1914.
(18) Resigned on February 27, 1914 to become a U.S. Attorney for the district of South Carolina.
(19) George Robert Rembert died on November 9, 1913.
(20) Elected to replace George Robert Rembert, qualified on 1/14/1914.
(21) Resigned after the second session upon his appointment as Assistant U.S. District Attorney.
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