South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 68th General Assembly - 1909 to 1910

This 68th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 12th to February 27th in 1909. The second session was held from January 11th to February 19th in 1910.

During 1908, the General Assembly created Calhoun County. Its citizens elected their first delegates to the SC Senate and SC House of Representatives in the general election of 1909. Orangeburg County lost one delegate in the House as a result.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

William Norwood Graydon

Melvin Joshua Ashley

Preston Brooks Carwile

John Moore Mars

Aiken County

Theodore Gaillard Croft

Arthur Rutledge Bush

Richard Johnson Wade, Jr.

John Frederick Williams

Walter D. Wright

Anderson County

George Washington Sullivan

Joshua Whitner Ashley

Henry F. Celey

James L. Jackson

Elbert Marion Rucker

Kurtz Poe Smith

Bamberg County

James Benjamin Black

Calvin William Garris

William Lewis Riley

Barnwell County

George Holland Bates

Jesse C. Griffin

Angus Bethune Patterson

Orsamus Duncan Allen Wilson

Beaufort County

Niels Christensen

J. Berg

John Marion Lengnick

William Henry Niver

Berkeley County

Joseph Arnold Harvey

Lewis G. Fultz

Charles Theodore Shuler

Jefferson Davis Wiggins

Calhoun County 

Samuel Jacob Summers

Hamilton Chevis Paulling

Charleston County

Huger Sinkler

Francis Marion Bryan

James Cosgrove

Horace Girardeau Leland

Louis C. Roessler

Ashley Cowan Tobias, Jr.

Albert Whitner Todd

Arnoldus VanderHorst

Richard Smith Whaley*

Cherokee County

James Cornelius Otis (1) /
Wylie Cicero Hamrick (2)

Edward Jefferson Clary

William Stuart Hall

Chester County

Peter Lawrence Hardin

Ashbell Greene Brice

Samuel Thompson McKeown

John Edgard Nunnery

Chesterfield County

George Kershaw Laney

Edmund Walker Duvall

George Wells Vaughn (3)

Clarendon County

Louis Appelt

John R. Dingle

D.L. Green

Orlando Calhoun Scarborough

Colleton County

Josiah S. Griffin

J.L. Robertson

Derrell Calhoun Sanders (4) / David Lawrence Smith (5)

G.W. Way

Darlington County

Daniel Taylor McKeithan

Lawrence Eugene Carrigan

Laurie Marvin Lawson

M.J. Spears

Dorchester County

St. Clair Muckenfuss

Walter Scott Utsey

Edgefield County

Thomas Hobbs Rainsford

Samuel McGowan Simkins

Mitchell Preston Wells

Fairfield County

William James Johnson

William Woodward Dixon

Furman Hixon McEachern

Andrew J. Mobley

Florence County

Nathan Savage Gibson (6) /
Joseph Wynans McCown (7)

Hartwell Moore Ayer

T.A. Clark (8) / Thomas Preston Brown (9)

Charles Aurelius Smith

Georgetown County

LeGrand Guerry Walker

John Walter Doar

Olin Sawyer

Greenville County

William Lawrence Mauldin**

Thomas Perrin Cothran

John Greenwood Greer

John Ramsay Harrison

Thomas Riley League

John Olin Wingo

Greenwood County

Creswell Archimedes Calhoun Waller

L.M. Bowers

Wade Cothran Harrison

William Hughes Nicholson

Hampton County

William Sidney Smith

G. Miles Riley

Thomas B. Whatley

Horry County

Doctor Allen Spivey

Lawrence Benjamin Singleton

Monroe Manoah Stanley

Kershaw County

William Reddick Hough

John Gardiner Richards, Jr.

Mendel Lafayette Smith

Lancaster County

Thomas Yancey Williams

J. Harry Foster

Harry Hines

Laurens County

John Henry Wharton

Robley Dunglison Boyd

William C. Irby, Jr.

Jared D. Sullivan

Lee County

B. Franklin Kelley

Caleb Wooster Harris

Joseph Benjamin Lane

Lexington County

Drayton Margart Crosson

Joseph Luther Amick

Isaac Edwards

Edgar Clifton Ridgell

Marion County

William Joseph Montgomery

Evander Caswell Edwards

Leonidas Murdock Gasque

Robert Pickett Hamer, Jr.

Marlboro County

Thomas Irby Rogers

Johnson Pouncey Bunch

James Preston Gibson

Duncan Donald McColl, Jr.

Newberry County

Alan Johnstone

Godfrey Harmon

Arthur Kibler

Cyril Thomas Wyche


Julius Richard Earle

Coke Danby Mann

Paul P. Sullivan

Orangeburg County

Robert Lide

John Sebastian Bowman, Jr.

Thomas Pritcher Horger

Andrew Jackson Hydrick, Jr.

B.A. Shuler

Pickens County

Charles Henry Carpenter

James Peele Carey

W.G. Mauldin

Richland County

Francis Hopkins Weston

Moselle W. Coker

John Joseph McMahan

Edwin Grenville Seibels

Thomas Henry Suydam

Saluda County

James Martin Forrest

William Elmo Bodie

William Lowndes Daniel

Spartanburg County

Howard Bobo Carlisle

Ben Hill Brown

Lewis Means Cantrell

Walter Johnson Gibson

J.W. Lee

Martin Arthur Moseley

Samuel Newton Nesbitt

Sumter County

John Hicklin Clifton, Jr.

George William Dick

Thomas Boone Fraser, Jr.

Campbell Easterling Stubbs

Union County

Benjamin Frederick Townsend

Lowndes Jefferson Browning

John Gordon Hughes

Williamsburg County

William Leonidas Bass

William Drayton Bryan

J. Davis Carter

John Smith Graham

York County

William Howard Stewart

James Smith Glasscock

John Porter Hollis

Olive Lee Saunders

William Blackburn Wilson, Jr.
* Richard Smith Whaley was elected as Speaker of the House. James Alfred Hoyt was elected as Clerk.
** William Lawrence Mauldin was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Marvin McAlister Mann was elected as Clerk.
(1) Resigned after the first session upon his appointment as a Solicitor.
(2) Elected to replace James Cornelius Otis, qualified on 1/11/1910.
(3) George Wells Vaughn died on February 10, 1910.
(4) Derrell Calhoun Sanders died on October 5, 1909.
(5) Elected to replace Derrell Calhoun Sanders, qualified on 1/11/1910.
(6) Nathan Savage Gibson died on January 10, 1909.
(7) Elected to replace Nathan Savage Gibson, qualified on 2/4/1909.
(8) T.A. Clark died on February 3, 1909.
(9) Elected to replace T.A. Clark, qualified on 1/11/1910.
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